The great escape

Sleep is peace and distance and rest. It is a vacation from worry. And when I wake up – no matter what stage in treatment – there are always a few moments where everything feels normal. I feel normal.

Last night I dreamt of a giant raspberry – it was about the size of a toque (or a beanie, for you non-Canadians). I peeled it from the stem; the smell was sharp, the feel fantastic, and it was wet with seams of juice. Have you ever looked inside a raspberry? The way the seeds and sacks all weave together? Well it was like that, only so large you could put it on your head. I thought – this would be the perfect hat.

Instead I made it into a pie.

Now that’s just a segment of my dream; it’s an example of the wonderful places a good night’s rest can take you. Sure, okay, there are bad dreams and they happen occasionally – but normally it’s a mixture of the fantastic and familiar (with a dash of action advenutre – though not the pie making, of course). The nausea and the anxiety get left behind.

I love the night time. It’s an excuse for me to relax. Last night I was asleep by 8.30pm. Gorgeous! It had been a long day filled with anxiety over eating and not eating, and drinking and not drinking, plus Zsolt’s crazy work place. But as soon as that clocked ticked over to 8.30 – click – lights out, hold my calls.

Time for a sleep vacation.

2 thoughts on “The great escape

  1. I agree, peaceful sleep is wonderful, especially when your dreams take you to a magical place. I really like how you describe it, “… a mixture of the fantastic and familiar (with a dash of action adventure)”. It’s so true.

    I often wish I could paint what I’m dreaming… the designs I see are very detailed, colourful, way beyond my own imagination (yet dreaming is my imagination, right?). But when I wake up, the designs fade before I can put them down on paper… ethereal.

    Wishing you many more magical dreams.

  2. You describe your dream really well Catherine. So much so that I got out the frozen raspberries to make sure I have a serving for breakfast.

    I am a great believer in dreams giving us messages and with that in mind, I started to look the the nutritional value of those little red berries. At it turns out that they are a great source of antioxidants as well as phytonutrients (all good stuff).

    As your dream pointed out, eating them is a better idea than using them for a head cover. Love my raspberries,
    and you too!


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