My dad and his cake

My dad has a rightly earned spot of pride for his caramel cake. And on special occasions, occasions so special they celebrate the sweet tooth, he whips out this secret family recipe and struts his culinary skills.

And I mean secret. Only one person knows the recipe . . . guess who.

I can’t even remember if he’s offered to teach us. My father and I hold a rivalry in the kitchen. He claims to be the better cook. I – obviously – disagree. We had a cook off one year, and because he went first (it was a nice roast, granted) I was able to step up the game with a meal of buttered potatoes and I can’t remember what else (these potatoes were so good, that the rest of the night draws blank).

But when it comes to dessert I just can’t whip him. Sure, he always pulls out the caramel cake, but I’ve never countered with a better option.

So today Dad, for your birthday, I will concede this point: you make the better cake.

Happy birthday 🙂 Love you.

One thought on “My dad and his cake

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Your painting of your dad’s cake looks dreamy and yummy.

    My mom makes the best creme caramel in the world… secret recipe she got from a French chef when she was living in Paris… it’s my favourite desert. She passed the recipe to me. I can do the creme part, but have never been able to do the caramel… Can you say burnt sugar?

    Hum, I wonder if Tony would tell me the secret to his caramel… does he know how they get the caramel into the Caramilk chocolate bar?… what other secrets does he know?

    A little bit of mystery sure makes life fun 🙂

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