Blood fight

I received a call this morning from the hospital. My blood count was low yesterday – borderline unacceptable. Borderline postponement.

!£$%*!*&%!   !%$   *&!%!!!!

So. Breath in and out. The last hour has been spent drinking protein mixes and eating pork. Unfortunately there is no beef in the house, otherwise I would have gone for that first. Now we’re getting ready to head off to the hospital. Chemo is scheduled for 3.00pm, but my blood needs to be tested first. At 1.00pm UK time a blood sample will be taken.

If you are reading this (I guess you must be), please cross your fingers that the results come back fine.

“Hello body! Start pumping out some better blood, please!”

Pretty please? Right now. Now. NOW!

One thought on “Blood fight

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Way to go… asking your body, in no uncertain terms, to produce better blood now!

    I can visualize your cells getting motivated to crank up their production rate, just for you, because you believe in them.

    Hang in there. We all love you.

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