Just checking up

That’s that.

Turns out this was a follow up appointment. They just wanted to see ‘where we were’ in our thoughts toward fertility testing, and how far along treatment had progressed. No one scolded anyone for wasting time.

Basically, the fertility clinic is positioned beside the maternity ward, and beside the breast clinic. Therefore walking in for my appointment was slightly emotional. First there are pregnant women everywhere and happy families with gift bags reading ‘baby’ in pink or blue bubble letters. Next there is the breast screening clinic where I had my original biopsy. Finally, the fertility clinic waiting room is beside – can you guess? – beside the very room where I first learnt I had breast cancer.

So Zsolt and I sat for an hour and a half, facing opposite that unfortunate room, until we were called in to see the doctor.

I went through several stages of emotion. Sadness, surprise, resentment (aka jealousy towards these lovely, pregnant mothers) followed by simple exhaustion with the wait time.

Breast cancer care in England is very comprehensive. Not only do they treat the problem, they treat the implications. During our meeting the doctor discussed future testing and how we could ‘get started’ on the road to pregnancy once all my treatments were over. She even mentioned testing Zsolt’s sperm, which surprised me because I had assumed that the emphasis was on my fertility. However – we are a unit, both sides matter.


Today was okay. Before the appointment I was nervous to the point of freaking out *why? I don’t  know . . . let’s blame it on the menopause. Now it’s done I feel better.

Plus on the way home while listening to classic fm, they played a rousing bit of music where the fellow kept singing “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!” That was wonderful. Zsolt and I rocked out.

And there you have it: Fertility mystery appointment solved.

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