I just love food

Yesterday morning a large package arrived to my door. “Sign here.” And in comes a very cold box.  This wasn’t a total surprise (I’d been told two days before to expect the delivery), but it was a total pleasure. My cousin Luc and his wife Marie Claude decided to gift Zsolt and I with a substantial delivery of frozen food.

A couple weeks ago, Zsolt and I started to buy premade meals to help reduce the stress of cooking (after I had my little breakdown). Waitrose provides a decent line of frozen food, but you really need to pick and choose – some stuff is okay, other things are dreadful. Honestly, I’m a bit, hmm  . . . . selective in terms of food because I grew up in a household that only cooked from fresh ingredients and didn’t often turn to ready meals.

But yesterday’s delivery was from Cook. Have you heard of them? They’re a company that promotes ‘home cooked’ style meals that are easy to warm up and serve. All these ingredients are fresh and they seem to take care in creating their menu. Zsolt and I had wandered into their shop a long time back and were impressed then, so when the box arrived full of meals I was totally excited.

Opening the package there were curries and pies and lasagnes and desserts and all sorts of goodness.  And, amazingly, they all fit into our tiny freezer!

Today we baked the pork stroganoff, which was creamy and full of flavour (an area where many, many frozen meals fail). Zsolt ate a man’s share, and I ate a lady’s (See picture, it might not look too pretty after being mixed in with the pasta, but it still tasted nice!)

Merci Luc et Marie-Claude pour la bonne nourriture!

Plus, as icing to this happy cake – Denise just stopped by with some freshly baked pumpkin bread, candy, and cream cheese. The bread has a lovely smell and as soon as I’m done this blog I’ll be cutting a slice. I’m on a photo kick, so I’ll take another picture right now. (Pumpkin carved by Zsolt and I!)

I love food – but even better, I love good food.  It seems that without a costume or actually leaving my flat, I’m still managing to rack in the treats. This is one excellent Halloween.

🙂  Thank you so much.

3 thoughts on “I just love food

  1. Expressive blue eyes, curvy eyebrows, a really big smile, comfy robe… you look great! Love the purple finger nails, great for Halloween. Reminds me of my favourite expression which I picked up from Tony, “Vampire, gotta go”… hee hee, I use that expression a lot.

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