Mr Spooky the pumpkin

Yesterday, Zsolt and I carved up a little bit of pumpkin! Though I can’t help thinking we somehow missed Halloween because looking at our street last night there wasn’t a single pumpkin on a single porch.

No matter! It was fun. This was Zsolt’s first pumpkin design and he did a great job. Mind you, he also refused to touch the stringy inside goop and I ended up scraping that out, but otherwise he took to the carving well. Though it may have been a little too exciting because today I’m totally wiped. Oh well, one active day followed by one rest day – that seems to be the trend.

Carving the pumpkin was a lot of fun, and lighting it was even better. Mr Spooky did us proud for Halloween night. I hope you enjoy the picture.

3 thoughts on “Mr Spooky the pumpkin

  1. Mr. Spooky looks great! Zsolt did a great carving job.

    I was thinking of you when I went to a Halloween party on the weekend. I met a character whom I thought was Eistein doing an Elvis jailhouse rock impression… turns out it was Mr. Beetlejuice. I never saw the movie, but remembered that you were thinking of watching it.

    Anyway, I hope you had a warm and cosy Halloween… yup, would you believe it snowed in Ottawa?

  2. I have to say I’m VERY impressed. As much as I loved pumpking carving, I always found it hard. I found the skin hard to go through and get those lovely curves that you got. So I usually went for more of a triangular/square shape. It also worked but not as artistic as Mr. Spooky.

    A+ for a really nice pumpkin Zsolt 🙂

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