Tomorrow I plan on writing a blog about my Christmas plans. I’d have done it today but it involves too much typing. Also, I’d like to spend some time doodling on Paint.

So soon! Soon. First I need to get some sleep, because man-oh-mercy am I tired. For the past two hours I’ve been obsessing over the US body-scanning fuss and spending way too much time reading articles when I ought to be heading to bed. But I guess a breast cancer blog isn’t the place to spurt my pro-dignity opinions. Well I could . . . I mean, at least they have an option in the US – in the UK, last I heard, refusing a body scan is reason enough to be kicked out of the airport, no alternative available (does anyone know if that crazy policy is still in place?).

Ah! There I go again, distracting myself from getting sleep. My body says ‘SLEEP’ but my mind says ‘THINK’. These two really need to get in sync. If I’m not careful this will turn into another sleepless night.

Tomorrow I’ll write about Christmas.

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