How to rub your belly

Just got back from my Southampton acupuncturist. Her message for the day: rub your belly! Belly rubs don’t just feel good, they help with digestion which means the body absorbs more nutrients, more energy and functions better. “Have I told you the story?” she asks. “Nope.” I reply.

Apparently she was watching the television and this prominent acupuncture doctor, now eighty years old, was being interviewed. He was showing off his hair, his teeth, his muscles, saying he’s one healthy man. And his secret (at which point she lowers her voice and leans in close), he massages his stomach every day.

How do you massage your stomach? This is what she told me. It’s not exact advice, so if you have a sensitive stomach or any kind of concern, please don’t start rubbing your belly on my account. Be sensible.

Right, so you ‘find the middle line’, which is essentially a vertical line that runs from your solar plexus to a bit below the belly button.  And you poke it. Just poke away.

Next you poke along the horizontal axis (essentially around your belly button again).

Lastly you rub the area in circles. Not too hard, just a light massage.

Also, she likes to give a little heat to the area. I guess this can be done with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, laid across the stomach.

Every morning she pokes and strokes her belly – “Get the digestion moving. Good for the bowels. Good for the energy. Make immune system better.” That’s what she tells me. Frankly I often forget to rub my belly (and meditate, eat broccoli, take my supplements, get enough exercise) . . .  so these visits are great reminders.

I’m rubbing my stomach right now, more from hunger (lunch is cooking) but it’s the right track.

3 thoughts on “How to rub your belly

  1. It’s something we do in JP’s Qi Gong class when we’re warming up and awakening our bodies to do a more strenuous workout. Yup, imagine being a stranger looking in the glass window to see twelve people rubbing their bellies.

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