Time for a cup of tea

So here I am sitting at Tragos alone. Alone except for my computer and you, because while writing a post isn’t the purpose of my visit to the coffee shop, I’m pretty pleased to be here and thought it was worth sharing. The original purchase of my laptop was made with the intention of daily visits to Tragos (or the library) while Zsolt wrote his thesis. We thought I could get out of his hair in the mornings.

Well, you-know-what ruined that idea. But nine months later here we are, tea on the table and a gluten free (chocolate) muffin ready to be enjoyed. This blog has been a frequent advertisement for my local coffee/tea/tapas/drinks shop – Tragos in Southampton, and while I’ve come here a tad too often, it’s important to have a place of escape.

Anyhow. That’s it. Here I am, about to get writing. Creating a bumpyboobs post doesn’t count as proper writing; it’s catching up with friends. Chatting a la keyboard.



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