One Wig Stand interview

A few good things have come from using Twitter – and one of those good things is my introduction to a young woman who is the power behind One Wig Stand. Her blog connects with those who care about breast cancer – but it’s focused on the stories of Lebanese women in an effort to crush taboos. This is a good blog, and it’s worth checking out.

Now here is the flattering bit. She asked me for an interview. You know how third party compliments are the very best? “Jessica said the other day that she thought you are brilliant.” Well, another great compliment is being asked to interview for an inspirational blog.

If you want to read it : follow this link to One Wig Stand.

One thought on “One Wig Stand interview

  1. Thanks for the post Catherine 🙂 Was a pleasure having you take part in the project and sharing your story. Many of my friends have already come to me about your story and how it affected them. Thanks for taking part 🙂

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