Big things and little stuff

While big things are happening in the world, little things are happening at home. At the moment Zsolt is having a little tiff about my extreme and constant sloppiness. It’s true, I’m a slob – and if it weren’t for my husband I’d be a MONSTER slob. Proof of that was my old bedroom over Christmas with clothes and towels and papers and suitcases scattered around the floor (and doors, and chairs, and bed.)

Little things.

There’s a little bit of radiotherapy left. Every morning I arrive and am greeted by one of a few varying nurses. They ask how I’m doing, I give them a report. Normally it consists of: “Fine.” Because I am fine. Sometimes I get tired, my skin still has that shadow of pink, there is that occasional wheeze . . . but all that is wrapped up in ‘fine,’ because nothing’s changed or gotten worse. Do they know I was freaking out over my left boob last week? Maybe, maybe not. Since the results were great, I’ll not bring it up.

Another little bit of excitement lays ahead. Call me stupid if you must, only if you must, but I’ve planned a trip to London the Wednesday after my last radiotherapy session (i.e. two days after). My old professor is launching a book, which sounds quite exciting and while I’ve been told book launches are generally not so thrilling, I would nevertheless like to see one for myself. Therefore, London is calling with a day trip on the train, an early meal, a speech with a reading (at which point I’ll strive to find seating because goodness knows I’ll be tired), and a train ride back home.  It will be an adventure. Plus, I’ve got a really cute dress to wear.

And continuing the adventure – here is a little thing that means oodles to my little life. I’ll be getting a haircut. What hair, Catherine? This hair! See it? Get the magnifying glass and take a look. There is a shallow carpet of hair spreading across my scalp, but it looks crazy because  of the patchiness and varying lengths. Did you know that your hair doesn’t grow evenly? Different sections grow at faster/slower rates. It’s true. So I’m off to the hairdresser. It’s incredible because last July I can remember sitting in that chair pre-chemo and talking with my hairdresser about chopping it all off. And she told me, ‘come back in when it starts growing. Even if there’s only a little bit we can fix it for you.’ So next Tuesday that promise will be tested. Thank goodness the monk style reverse balding has finally filled in.

Here is one last little (BIG!!) thing before this post ends. Zsolt Samson – the handsome and charming scientist who has worked so very hard over the last four (.5) years – is nearly ready to submit his thesis. This past month has been push push push for Zsolt, with late nights, full weekends, and frequent meetings with his supervisor. To say I’m proud of Zsolt is insufficient (more like I’m bursting with exploding sun-bright gushes of enthusiasm, excitement and pride for this man’s accomplishment), but will have to do. Another week or less should result in submission. GO, Zsolti, GO!

These are the little things in our steady life that have been coming and going over the past while. Frankly, I’m more interested in the news and all the change that is being pushed through, though am in no way qualified (or knowledgeable enough) to write about those topics. But can appreciate that it sometimes takes a big struggle to accomplish big things.

And that is the end of this posting. Next week, hopefully, I’ll have something a bit more exciting to say!


Facing Cancer Together

One more nice thing happened to me this week. I started blogging for a website called Facing Cancer Together. It’s presented by the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CCTFA) Foundation, and sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. This is a Canadian based website that offers a supportive online community to anyone effected by cancer.

This is part of my ‘become a writer’ plan. It’s one thing to want to write, it’s another to get out there and promote yourself. But promotion is essential to becoming an active writer, and becoming an active writer is essential to my recovery.

I mean, okay – cancer is random and horrible and unexpected. Right? Yes. So when asking myself ‘why the hey did I get cancer?’, all I can do is shake my head, and stomp my feet, and forget the question because no grand voice from above has ever shouted down an answer.

But – but but but – even before I was officially diagnosed, probably the day Bumpyboobs was established, I thought to myself, ‘the least I can do is write. If I have cancer, I will write. If I don’t have cancer, I will write. No matter what, I’ve got to write about this experience.’

There I was, totally freaking out, and writing was at the forefront of my mind.

So maybe that’s why I got cancer? Really, it’s a mystery. Like mentioned, no booming presence has ever shouted down from above: HEY CATHERINE, YOU GOT CANCER BECAUSE __________. OKAY? NOW STOP ASKING ME.

And because of that, I’ll have to assign my own meaning to this past year. Whatever the reason, the outcome is my wanting to be a writer even more than before.

So when there was a tweet on my Twitter timeline asking for bloggers to contact, I jumped at the opportunity. This is a great chance to grow my network, reach people who ‘have been there’ (and those who are actually going through it), and WRITE.

Following my instincts has never lead me astray. It took me across the world, took me to my husband, and now it’s taken me to writing.

So feel free to check it out and browse the webpage. I’ll always be Bumpyboobs, but will post maybe once a week on Facing Cancer Together (sometimes a repeat post from this page). This is a good step, and good thing. There are many good things happening. And that in itself is good.

Three nice things

Two really nice things happened to me this past week. Firstly I was given a pint of daffodils at work from a colleague, which are now sitting in my kitchen window (I was walking home from work on the day these were given and stopped into the grocery to pick up some bits – essentially, I was sloshing around with a pint glass filled with water and flowers, trying to look like this was business-as-usual. The security guard did a double take, but I find if you act as though nothing is wrong people will generally assume all is well.) And secondly I was given a bag of gluten-free goodies from a specialty bakery.

When there are great little shops like this bakery catering to special dietary needs, gluten-free becomes a whole lot better. Yesterday I ate a piece of vanilla sponge cake that was awesome. Not a bit of wheat in the thing, and you would never have realized. And today I’m going to (about to) sink my teeth into a brownie sans gluten. I’ll have to eventually remind myself that just because there’s no wheat doesn’t make this beautiful food any less like a dessert (with all that sugar, cream, and sugar and cream). Oh well, I’ll probably still eat that brownie.

Isn’t food the ultimate comfort? From a nice meal  you didn’t have to make (speaking of which, just ordered another load from Cook!), to crafting a new concoction (last night it was ‘everything in the pot’ with miso for flavour. Turned out surprising well), to whipping up dessert (the choice fuel for Zsolt’s thesismobile), to a hot pot of tea. Yum.

So those were the two very nice things that happened to me last week. And now here we are in a new week. What nice thing has happened? Well, I’m 2/3rds through radiotherapy – so that is awesome. My chest has turned pink, and sometimes feels slightly sore. I’m thankful for my two days away from radiotherapy because it’s a good chance to rest.

Honestly I don’t have any more to write. All I know is that Lulu was waiting for a blog post – so here it is, Lulu! Good food and Radiotherapy updates.  Write more later, so stay tuned.