Three nice things

Two really nice things happened to me this past week. Firstly I was given a pint of daffodils at work from a colleague, which are now sitting in my kitchen window (I was walking home from work on the day these were given and stopped into the grocery to pick up some bits – essentially, I was sloshing around with a pint glass filled with water and flowers, trying to look like this was business-as-usual. The security guard did a double take, but I find if you act as though nothing is wrong people will generally assume all is well.) And secondly I was given a bag of gluten-free goodies from a specialty bakery.

When there are great little shops like this bakery catering to special dietary needs, gluten-free becomes a whole lot better. Yesterday I ate a piece of vanilla sponge cake that was awesome. Not a bit of wheat in the thing, and you would never have realized. And today I’m going to (about to) sink my teeth into a brownie sans gluten. I’ll have to eventually remind myself that just because there’s no wheat doesn’t make this beautiful food any less like a dessert (with all that sugar, cream, and sugar and cream). Oh well, I’ll probably still eat that brownie.

Isn’t food the ultimate comfort? From a nice meal  you didn’t have to make (speaking of which, just ordered another load from Cook!), to crafting a new concoction (last night it was ‘everything in the pot’ with miso for flavour. Turned out surprising well), to whipping up dessert (the choice fuel for Zsolt’s thesismobile), to a hot pot of tea. Yum.

So those were the two very nice things that happened to me last week. And now here we are in a new week. What nice thing has happened? Well, I’m 2/3rds through radiotherapy – so that is awesome. My chest has turned pink, and sometimes feels slightly sore. I’m thankful for my two days away from radiotherapy because it’s a good chance to rest.

Honestly I don’t have any more to write. All I know is that Lulu was waiting for a blog post – so here it is, Lulu! Good food and Radiotherapy updates.  Write more later, so stay tuned.

Gluten sensitive sucks

Today I’ve been given the results of my gluten test. This is a test where you scrap the inside of the mouth and send it away to a lab for analysis. They analyze and tell you whether you are sensitive to gluten, which can be found in all yummy tasting food incorporating wheat.

Guess what my results were? Bah.

This is why I am pissed off to be gluten sensitive. It feels like another pleasure has been removed. No more pizza, thanks. No more langos, okay? No more toast with butter and honey. No way. Obviously there are worse things than being sensitive to gluten. But nevertheless I am frusterated, I feel – for some reason – like my body has failed again. It’s absolutely maddening, and the only person to be mad at is myself. Where the heck did my genes go wrong? Cats, smoke, mould, gluten and cancer.  All reactions gone haywire.

Yes, I realize this is a pity party. Sometimes when not feeling well I like to have my comforts – Zsolt is a comfort, my bed is a comfort, and cookies are a comfort. Taking away gluten won’t be impossible, but it’s so annoying. It’s taking away a comfort during a time when everything already feels hard.

I’ll get used to this change. Of course – people get used to things. And frankly, being told you’re gluten sensitive is not the worst news a person can hear. At least this is something that I can control, and know 100% it is being managed. For some reason I feel a loss, but it’ll pass. Food isn’t worth mourning . . . or at least, not gluten.

A good thing also happened to me today. I will write about that in a separate post tomorrow, because it was so lovely that I don’t want to taint it with this gluten-centric writing.