Thesis mayhem

This is a working weekend. What does that mean? It means proofing my husband’s 160 page thesis, helping with the abstract (if that’s possible), going to the library (it’s my turn to cover the weekend) and writing for my blogs. Blogs. But, it’s a good weekend too.

OH MY GOODNESS! [breaking news] Again I’ve woken up early. Rolling out of bed today, Zsolt reported the time as  9.30 am, a respectable Sunday start. HOWEVER, it’s actually now 8.30 am, which means it was probably even earlier when we first got up.

What is happening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening. Life is busy, and so is my brain. Here is the Sunday Things To Do list:

1. Write : In process.

2. Eat : Also in process. We just bought two containers of yogurt for £2, which isn’t a bad deal considering it’s organic and absolutely delish. Two flavours were purchased, apricot and mango &vanilla. I’m really looking forward to trying the mango & vanilla, YET this morning I opened the apricot instead. As a BA psychologist, I find this behaviour interesting.

3. Take shower : still not using deodorant on my radiotherapy arm, therefore a daily scrub is important.

4. Clean: Questionable/unlikely.

5. Tea break: Absolutely.

6. Work: one to five at the Avenue Library. Can you believe students actually come in on Sundays? Diligent young workers.

7. Thesis: this is going to be peppered throughout my day. Yesterday it was GO GO GO for thesis revision, but thankfully most of that is done. At least, for me it’s done. Zsolt is still in the midst of madness and revision.

8. Practice reading aloud:  This upcoming Monday I’ll go give a public reading (eep) at the Portsmouth Write Invite. Essentially you get up, read for no less than 6 minutes, and then in the end everyone votes for their favourite. So, if reading in public wasn’t enough pressure, add on some judgement for another level of nerves. Yowsers. But it’s good practise. Really I’m just doing this to add content to my writing website, but hey – it’s also an opportunity to meet other writers, listen to new work, and have a good night out. (I foresee another day of exhaustion come Tuesday)

Here is Zsolt’s Sunday Work List:


And that’s all. This guy is correcting, nit picking, aligning, editing, rewriting and stressing his butt off. All thesis, all the time. There was this beautiful hope that he’d be able to submit come Monday, but that was dashed last week when plans had to be changed. But submission will happen, and it’s gonna be this upcoming week. Any bets for the day and time?

Anyhow, life is busy and it’s seems to be getting busier. Thankfully radiotherapy exhaustion hasn’t struck me yet. Maybe I’m just holding on with will power, not sure what might happen once Zsolt finally submits. My radiotherapy burn is managing well. I’m slathering it with Traumeel and the redness is reducing. Mind you, they say it can keep reddening for about two or three weeks following treatment, so I keep waiting for the blisters to erupt. However, so far so good. The area is significantly darker than my light skin – something like a deep tan (mind you, a deep tan for me is like no tan for others), and the area is speckled with some very un-sexy freckles.

It’s now just past nine, and that’s us on this cloudy Sunday morning here in England. Status check updated, now time for more yogurt. Happy weekend to you!

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