Day of the FUZZY BRAIN

Today, despite being sunny and beautiful, was thick with brain fog. This morning, I forgot about my acupuncture appointment; this afternoon,  I had to rearrange work around a seminar I thought was tomorrow but was actually today; and this evening I went to my friend’s house a day earlier than planned! Ah!

My head must be screwed on funny.

And so, as any person would do, I turned to playing Donkey Kong on the wii for some needed mental relief. Nothing like a little harmless distraction to help relieve the mind.

But I must say, that the afternoon seminar was quite something – it was a LookGoodFeelBetter presentation and basically involved 14 pre/post/during chemo & radio ladies in a room together, learning how to be pretty again. This might sound frivolous, but it’s deeply impacting – never before has mascara made me want to cry and cry (in a good way). However, that story will have to wait because apparently my brain has gone scrambled eggs for the evening. Better to leave things till tomorrow.

Today’s screw-ups are coming to a close (unless anyone can spot a typo in this post, which is highly likely). I guess everyone has these days . . . though maybe if you keep a daytimer it happens less often. I’ve tried planning things, writing them down, being organized . . . but ‘scheduling’  fits me like a turtle neck sweater (ie. suffocating) and never lasts more than a few days.  Well, at least my friend’s husband was entirely welcoming (since she was out) when I rocked up to their house and rang the bell. Zsolt had just dropped me off so I was temporarily stranded until he could turn the car around . . . man, their place smelled wonderful with the chilli he was cooking.

Anyhow – GOOD NIGHT fuzzy brained day. I’ve had enough of you!

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