Cue the dramatic music

Oh boy, things are getting tense! I’ve been up since eight typing away at the keyboard – just a mindless chatty Cathy with my twitter, blog, email and facbook accounts open. This morning I woke up brainstorming a short story, flipping through perspective, sketching characters, and trying to figure out a start (startings are the most difficult things to approach). Essentially, a happy lady enjoying the morning.

Then walks in my poor husband with doom and gloom rolling behind him. His arms are resting behind his back, (he stands exactly like his father – just a taller 6’5 version of Laci) and he goes toward the window to look out. This poor guy, I can see his heaviness. Not sure if it’s his face, or his  quietness, or what, but Zsolt did not wake up on the lighter side of the bed.  Today is the 27th of April. His viva is the 6th of May. Like a shark through the water, it’s coming. Cue the dramatic music, cut to the hapless swimmer.

Duh-duh. Duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh. !!!

Don’t worry. If things get too bad, I’ll pull him out of the water.

2 thoughts on “Cue the dramatic music

  1. Hi Catherine,

    Zsolt is just experiencing nerves, like we all do when we are facing something that we really want, but we are uncertain of the outcome.

    In order to focus that nervous energy, he could try some of the following suggestions which work for me:

    1) Write down a summary of the key points he wants to make;

    2) Think of the questions they may ask, and write down his answers;

    3) Practice the delivery of his key points out loud so that his voice feels natural. Project his voice so that it sounds loud (note: when giving a presentation, louder is better; it conveys confidence, and the panel can hear more clearly);

    4) Make eye contact with the panel member who is asking the question (or at least look in their direction and pretend to make eye contact).

    5) Don’t scan back and forth too much between panel members since the visual input from scanning confuses the brain which is trying to formulate and vocalize the answer;

    6) Just before going to sleep, visualize the end of the presentation – smiles on the panel member’s faces; warm handshakes with the panel members; the words ‘good job’ – visualization is a form of mental practice which helps with the nerves. You can also do your own visualization for Zsolt and put that intention out into the universe.

    You are a great couple. If he falls in the water, you’ll pull him out for sure. But I bet that both of you will end up like happy dolphins swimming towards the glowing sunset, swimming to Canada.

  2. Love the music. Jaws is one of my favorite movies of all times. That said, get the Zoltster to do the following:

    Sit with ankles crossed
    Put one wrist on top of the other wrist
    Twist wrists to lock fingers together
    Now close your eyes and focus on all your worries

    Stay like that until your subconscious mind stops yelling and screaming at you about everything going to hell in a hand basket.

    Once your inner voice stops telling you all that it has to say, then, and only then, uncross the wrists and ankles.

    This powerful technique lets the inner voices that we have vent. Once they have vented, you can get back on track.
    And remember, you don’t do this to think about bunny rabbits and butterflys . Focus on the fears, etc.

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