Cue the dramatic music

Oh boy, things are getting tense! I’ve been up since eight typing away at the keyboard – just a mindless chatty Cathy with my twitter, blog, email and facbook accounts open. This morning I woke up brainstorming a short story, flipping through perspective, sketching characters, and trying to figure out a start (startings are the most difficult things to approach). Essentially, a happy lady enjoying the morning.

Then walks in my poor husband with doom and gloom rolling behind him. His arms are resting behind his back, (he stands exactly like his father – just a taller 6’5 version of Laci) and he goes toward the window to look out. This poor guy, I can see his heaviness. Not sure if it’s his face, or his  quietness, or what, but Zsolt did not wake up on the lighter side of the bed.  Today is the 27th of April. His viva is the 6th of May. Like a shark through the water, it’s coming. Cue the dramatic music, cut to the hapless swimmer.

Duh-duh. Duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh. !!!

Don’t worry. If things get too bad, I’ll pull him out of the water.