I should be napping!

Right. I should be napping so that I can fight against the to-be-expected snooze of late-night staying upping. But I have one more thing to say.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to say when you’re unhappy. Now this is something I’ve had to adjust in my mentality, because in the past I’d never complain. But then, one day, I simply became fed up with being really, really nice (gag!) and decided to tone it down at least one level of really.

(Perhaps I’m overemphasizing my kindness. It’s not like I rescue kittens or give to every charity. In fact, I’m only moderately sweet and equally, if not more, also selfish. But certainly I am polite. And have also been known to be meek. I guess it’s the meekness that’s really being conquered when it comes to complaining. Because we can complain in a kind way too, no? But being meek means keeping silent.)

So I had a haircut. As you might remember, my stylist in Southampton was FANTASTIC. Yes, she deserves capital letters. It took trial and error to find her, but I did – and actually, I found her by going back for a re-cut (Cause the previous girl made me look five years old. Not cool.).  Anyhow, coming over to Canada I’m debating who will now be my designated hair designer. *hair designer, don’t you love how language changes? What happened to the hair dresser? Or the barber?!

Anyhow – so like, three days before my talk I call my mom’s hair place in desperation. Except that the lady I wanted to see (she’s really very talented and confident with those scissors) wasn’t available. Well, okay, I booked with another person. And came out with a bowl-shaped hairstyle. Ugh, just terrible. So square, so awkward, so ugly.

And I didn’t want to complain, didn’t want the stylist to get in trouble, but ultimately decided that I looked like an idiot, and went in for a re-cut.

That was today. This morning. And the results are 100% better.

But you know what else? They didn’t even have a problem with my asking for better results. And lately I’ve found that most people don’t. Just so long as we’re polite and patient, people are often happy to get it right – make it right for you.

I guess they’re the ones who are really, really nice.  🙂

Okay, not everyone will be accommodating – but if someone is a jerk when you’re complaint is valid, then whatever they were/are offering is just not worth your time. Either keep on pressing your point if necessary (which I’ve also had to do before when the shipping company didn’t want to send out a van to collect our stuff and we were leaving the next morning) or, if you have this luxury, forget about that company/individual/product and never look back.

Anyhow, life lesson: It’s okay to ask for better. About time I wrapped my head around that one.

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