The conference went well

Okay I’m heading for the bed because tonight I need to stay up late (like past ten) so that I can review the Ukrainia concert that is going to be happening. Honestly, the review will probably go like this: they were awesome! And we danced.  Because I’m no music critique.

But I wanted to first stop in here and tell you about the conference. It went great. Great! The entire audience was composed (with a few exceptions) of nurses. Wonderful, beautiful, ever-learning nurses.  I know that as a patient, I might over-idolize the people who helped me (and demonize, since my mood can change depending on the drugs getting pumped) but when it comes to nurses, well, can they get enough praise? Like I said in my earlier post, during treatment there was no way I could handle saying what I really felt – but last Wednesday in the Midland country golf course, Catherine told it like it was.

And how they had helped.

What was inspiring.

How the journey became easier.

Which was all down to simple humanity. People being kind.

Anyhoo – they seemed to enjoy the speech, enjoy my way of presenting (Dad was all, “don’t stand behind the podium, get a clip-on mic and no power point. So I followed his urgings to, I believe, my benefit. It was a great talk), and most importantly they enjoyed my content. Hugs followed. Many, many hugs.

So it was a day to smile. Zsolt and I had a small vacation from Ottawa, and the conference was really enjoyable. Two thumbs up for a positive experience. May there be many more in the future.

3 thoughts on “The conference went well

  1. Awesome! I am glad to hear it went well. The best speakers do tend to walk around and talk rather than sit at a podium, your father gave you good advice.

  2. Yup, your dad was right about not standing at the podium… he learnt that from experience. 😉 I bet you were engaging because of your honesty and passion for telling it the way it is. Good nurses love to hear about patients’ experiences and to interact with them. Nurses are very cool! Congratulations on a positive experience.

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