Health care in Canada – yay!

Today is the 28th of November. As of today, my husband Zsolt is now fully integrated into the Canadian system (short of being a citizen). He has his license, he has his residence cards, and finally he has his health care too.

Three months after arriving to Canada, Zsolt is now eligible for health care. Why he’s not eligible from the date of arrival is a real mystery to me. Because it’s not like he arrived in Canada unscreened – he gave blood, he had his eyes checked, he had an x-ray, he had a physical . . . basically, they declared him healthy before allowing him to touch down in Canada. And then we still had to wait three months before he became eligible for OHIP.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, that’s because I am. Considering we played by the rules, it annoys me that he had this waiting period.

However, bright side is that he’s now all settled in. Yay for that!  We’re still in my parent’s basement ( it’s lovely down here with the fire) and things are slowly settling. It’s my hope that sooner than later we both see Canada as ‘home sweet home’, but I realize that takes time. It took time in England, it will take time here too – even though I am Canadian. Making a place your home takes an investment of time, interests and relationships.  That had all been done in England, so transferring everything  back here is honestly a challenge.

But what’s life without challenges? Boring, I reckon. Boo for boring. Yay for healthcare!

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