Melancholy is stupid.

Today I made a potato salad – the worst potato salad ever. Woke up with this brilliant idea for lunch; a triple salad extravaganza. It was going to be a hit outta the ball park. You see, every week my family has this competition entitled: Cook of the Week. Last week I totally owned with a grilled burger topped with a three cheese melange (with garlic and oil mixed in, and a bit of pepper);  a pickle, sprout and cabbage side; and baked potato chips.

Geez. Just remembering that meal has got me salivating.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning with a plan to rule the kitchen. Except that I slept in late, and therefore busted my entire routine. That’s the first bit.

Then I began to peel and boil the potatoes . . . got that salad going, and simultaneously began the quinoa boiling and cleaned the kale. The third salad was meant to be mixed greens with a kinda vinegar dressing and roasted red peppers.

Anyhow – I managed the kale salad, but just barely. As I rounded the corner with the potato salad I forgot to premix the mayo, mustard and salt. Instead it just all went into the pot without comparison or pause. Ugh. What resulted was just this over-salted mess of mushy potato.

So, I had the quinoa, the gross potato, and no third salad. It was at this point that I said to myself, “screw this” and called my dad’s office, asking him to bring home a roasted chicken.

He has brought home a roasted chicken. They are now in the kitchen eating lunch. I feel totally knackered, and am wondering: is it because of a potato salad?

Not sure. But one thing is for sure – right now, at this point, I can barely motivate myself to get off this lovely red chaise and serve myself a plate of food. So weird right? You know that saying, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Yeah. That might be me. I don’t feel entirely un-awesome. There’s a trickle of awesomeness running through my fingers and on my head (wherever the sunshine hits) . . . but today I varied from my routine to the detriment of my potato salad.

Really this whole ‘do a routine’ thing has been going fairly well. I guess it’s just on those slip up days when things get a bit messy again. However, the remainder of this day continues to be my oyster. And I don’t want a dumb thing like mayonnaise:salt ratio ruining this Tuesday.

Screw this screwing it. I’m getting up, eating, and seeing what I can do with this day. Right now.

P.S. Lunch is done. These people finished the entire potato salad – I wasn’t even going to serve the mess, but they got their hands on it and ate the entire batch. Maybe it wasn’t so horrible after all. Hmm.

5 thoughts on “Melancholy is stupid.

  1. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them”. Boiled potato goes well with roasted chicken, so it sounds like lunch was a hit.

    Reminds me of the first time I made my favourite chocolate cake for a pot-luck party shortly after I arrived in Canada. I didn’t realize that the flour I bought in Canada reacted differently than the one in Barbados. My cake didn’t rise properly – it was half the height that it should have been and it had a rubbery texture.

    Anyway, my cake and someone else’s giant pretzel became the source of a lot of fun as a room full of 17 year old kids started tossing them around to see if they would break apart. Neither cook would admit who brought the cake and pretzel. But I still chuckle when I think of the cake and the pretzel bouncing off the blue kitchen wall without breaking apart or leaving a mark. Solid food!

  2. My mother once made a jellied salad of some kind and went to get it onto the plate, surround it with greens for presentation and the Tah Dah which normally would naturally follow such a success….BUT the jellied stuff went flop & broke into blobs. She was mad, upset and all but decided to decorate with the greens and serve it. Someone asked her what it was and she called it “Disaster Salad”…even got asked for the receipe.

    Attitude can be everything.

    Coming up on the shortest day of the year maybe it’s just time to hybernate with a great bar of chocolate and a fantastic book…I’ll vote for this option.


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