A christmas card

Normally I love to send real, paper-in-hand cards to friends and family during the holidays. But in this case, I’ll be making an e-card exception. Have a wonderful, love-filled day and enjoy the holiday to its fullest. Merry Christmas. And hey! Look at all this snow we have. It’s a fantastic gift from mother nature.

Merry, merry, merry Christmas!! Woooohoooo!!!

3 thoughts on “A christmas card

  1. It’s a lovely Christmas card. You both look great!

    I was in Montreal when it started snowing, and my mom and I reminisced about the great snowstorms we used to see when snow would bury cars over their roofs and if we dug below our feet, we would see that we were standing on top of her car.

    I must admit, I have always loved the snow ever since I saw it for the first time when I was 15 years old. Cristmas as a child meant red poincettia bushes blooming in the garden next to white snow-on-the mountain flowers, and green sugar cane fields turned lilac with their cane arrows.

    I get to see both of my favourite symbols of Christmas in Canada – snow covered fields and trees and red poincettias in flower pots. Pretty cool.

    Best wishes to you and Zsolt for the coming year.

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