Getting a grip on the ice

For all your ice and slipping needs, Dr Zsolt (not a medical doctor) recommends DRYGUY GripOns. He’s been strapping these studded things onto his boots whenever we take walks lately, and while I think it’s 100% goofy, they also appear to be incredibly effective. Plus, really, they don’t look bad. I’m thinking of getting some myself.

While this cannot be counted as a ‘real’ post, it’s nevertheless important information for anyone tolerating a minus zero winter. If slipping is a worry, get yourself some studs.

And no, no one paid me to say that. That would be awesome if someone had, but no, no one did. Full disclosure. My opinion is purely based on ‘wow’ results.

Plus I’ve been editing this entry to a writing contest all day long – thus my brain, in terms of writing articles/posts/stories/conent, is slightly fried. Truth is with these literary contests that little ever comes from submitting, BUT this contest is for Canadians under 35s and has no entry fee. Now that’s my kind of contest. So whether I A) Win! or B) don’t win, I’ll still have a finished, short-story length piece of writing which I feel is quite strong (and therefore worth submitting to literary magazines). So I feel this has been a very productive day. It’s not often I managed to sqeeze a story into 2500 words. Frankly, I feel quite proud at having mastered it this once.

Therefore, yay for studs on ice and hammering out a short story. Two unrelated items, one feel-good post.

One thought on “Getting a grip on the ice

  1. Good luck on the short story contest.

    Just last week, I picked up 3 books to help me with my writing: one on punctuation and two on content style. Not only will they hone my skills for the editing which I do at work, but they will also help me with the writing of my two books.

    I’m excited to have discovered these excellent reference materials for my writing.

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