A distraction and a reality

The distraction:

We took sledding up a level today by adding another person to our team. Zsolt, my brother (new addition) and I headed over to the KRC hill this afternoon and glided into some winter madness. Side runs, spins, trains – you name it, we sled it. The only thing missing were some GT Snow Racers, which, due to lack of foresight, were unfortunately discarded several years ago. It was a disappointing moment upon returning home from abroad to learn that the GTs had been carted off.  But nevertheless with a saucer and this body shaped board, we had a great time. And no one on the hill! All the little kiddios were at school, so we owned the hill. The only thing is that Zsolt and I are nearly both in our thirties (with Zsolt already having crossed that line). I have a feeling our limbs aren’t’ t quite so resilient as they once were. However, even today when we flew off sideways from the sled-train and skidded down the hill, even when my ankle flipped and hands were flying and snow was shooting into our faces .  . . even then I couldn’t stop laughing.

One awesome way to exercise in this Canadian winter: go sledding. Maybe wear a helmet, and keep all limbs tucked inside. Just don’t blame me for any wipe outs, okay? It’s part of the experience.

The reality:

Tomorrow I have an oncologist appointment with Dr Canada. So I guess I’ll hear how my ovaries are doing and whether that cist cleared up. After this appointment, to help shake off the nerves, we’re going out for Indian food at Ottawa’s Little India. That is, we’ll be going if we can get a seat. The place is always crammed. And then Thursday I have another doctor’s appointment with a different doctor. So – a lotta appointments all at once. (Including my other appointment yesterday at my parent’s office.) Blarg. All in the name of better health, eh. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A distraction and a reality

  1. Sledding sounds so healthy, involving laughter and some cardio activity (walking up the hill, and maybe some snowball fights?).

  2. Good for you for embracing winter!! Hope the appointment went alright. I have an upcoming oncology appointment myself this time with a new doctor, so feeling a bit apprehensive… never get used to all these appointments do we?

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