Internet on Strike

Okay, I have no idea how to make my webpage go ‘on strike’ but I can, at least, direct your attention to this page. Things are happening in both the USA and Canada that make me go, “Hmm.” But in particular, if this video is right, it will make things tricky for, say, future literary magazines like my Mind you, my contributors present original content on that page, but nevertheless, I’d hate to get sued for an old link where some user, for some reason, uploaded illegal content. Anyhow, here is the video. Take a look.

And if you’d like to sign the petition. That’s right here:

One thought on “Internet on Strike

  1. I was shocked when I read about the SOPA bill and couldn’t help but wonder, “What were these senators thinking?”

    I am hoping that the Internet “blackout” and the petition have convinced these senators to back down. Maybe, Americans will remember this ill-conceived bill and vote those senators who supported it out of office.

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