Live with Kelly!

Just hopped off the elliptical, and thought I’d write this down. Every weekday morning I take a twenty minute (sometimes more) run on the elliptical. While running (or ellipsing?) Live with Kelly is on the television, entertaining me with its opening 20 minute commercial free chatting.

Anyhow – I speak the truth: the better Kelly’s co-host, the easier it is to exercise. Just this morning Kim Kardashian was on the television (and it is a secret fixation of mine to watch all things Kardashian . . . ) talking about her divorce with that basketball fellow, Kris Humphries. So there I am sweating and running more quickly than ever and with a stupid smile plastered across my face. (This happens occasionally, I watch television and start making facial expressions . . . today I kept realizing that I was smiling like an idiot over Live with Kelly.)

You may or may not watch this morning show. After Regis left it was certainly a little sad, but nevertheless I really enjoy Kelly. She’s been ripping through new co-hosts day after day, and I’ll tell you this – many famous actors who appear very charming and wonderful on screen are actually awkward or boring or too self-focused in ‘real life’ (i.e. reality television).  My best workouts have been to the entertaining mixture of Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris, Kelly and Josh Groben, Kelly and Michael Buble, and now Kelly and Kim Kardashian.

And as I ran lap after lap, this realization dawned:  good co-hosts equals good exercise.

So Kelly, hurry up and choose Neil Patrick Harris already for your co-host. It’ll be better for my health.

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