Happy Father’s Day!

Today is father’s day, which mean we’ve spent the entire Sunday eating great food. First there was the truck stop by Arnprior, then we had a BBQ, and then there was a beautiful pavlova. So today’s post is going to be a short one. Really, a million things are happening right now here in the world of Bumpyboobs (i.e. my life) but I have a gag order placed on several of them. You’ll hear more about that later.

In the meanwhile, in honour of father’s day, here’s a list of some top-ten dad moments from my dad, Tony Bony. I am sure there are more, but at the moment, these spring to mind.

  • Dad pulling a giant fish from the water – cursing like a sailor, and smiling like a fool.
  • Dad making me sweet potato French fries after my chemotherapy, when I was so hungry and emotional, it was more than many men could tolerate.
  • Stories after dinner, when he rolls back time and entertains us with something hilarious that happened in his childhood. Our narrative nature must come from his side of the family.
  • Dad giving a speech on the day Zsolt and I were married, basically saying how proud he was, and holding back the tears.
  • Dad as a hippy, which I’ve only witnessed through old photographs.
  • Dad picking me up at 3 am in the middle of nowhere, after I had decided to go for a walk (let’s not worry as to why I was in the middle of nowhere at 3 am.) and not giving me shit until the next morning.
  • Dad coming home from work when I was a little girl sick with a cold and saying, “It’s no fun being sick, eh kid?”
  • Dad pushing me to go out to Jasper, Alberta for the summer. It was a completely amazing experience.
  • Dad walking out of mass on Christmas, leading the entire line of people who’d just received communion, and then breaking down laughing when we realize this wasn’t the right way to go.
  • Dad talking to me every other day during the chemotherapy via skype – taking my mind off all the crap with a little light conversation, and some funny stories to pass the time.

Even though he can sometimes drive me crazy, he’s been a great father. I guess we all drive each other crazy occasionally . . . what really matters, I reckon, is the polar moments – whether it’s shit hitting the fan, or all the good stuff happening at once, what really  matters is that for those highs and lows, we support one another. It’s something to be counted on.

So happy father’s day. I hope your dad is as awesome as mine. Please do share your best dad moments if you have some. 🙂

See you later,



We bought an inflatable, two person KAYAK!!! More later. Let’s just say, I decided to finally realize that long-awaited chemo dream of paddling on the water.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I miss my Dad, who’s been gone since Oct. 2007. But I’m glad you still have a Dad with whom to celebrate this special day. Mine was wonderful to me, and I’ll never forget his kindnesses. The most special memory I have of him is when I called him in college after getting a C on a mid-term test in a challenging class. He asked me if this would matter in five years. I said, “No.” And then he told me to forget about it. I ended up with an A in the class, but my father’s wise response stayed with me far longer than whatever I learned in the class. We have to ask ourselves that question every time we get anxious about something. Thanks for the great tribute to your special Dad. Happy kayaking! xx

  2. On father’s day, I was thinking about my step dad who was a good handiman.
    * He taught me how to mix cement;
    * He taught me to pull electrical wire through plastic conduit and to be fearless when hooking up electrical wires;
    * He taught me how to copper plate a rose leaf;
    * He taught me how to ride a bike and balance on a rolling oil drum like a logger on a rolling log;
    * He made me a pair of stilts which I loved to walk on – then I gave away my stilts to a girl who did not have a dad to make her a pair;
    * He took me to see Sir Winston Churchill when I was six years old;
    * He pretended to be a galloping horse when I rode on his shoulders;
    * He gave me my first puppy with which I spent many days taking her on long adventures on cart tracks between sugar cane fields and rocky limestone outcroppings covered in sour grass.

    It was fun.

    It was fun learning all those things.

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