My “mention it” Post

I’m in a Friday state of mind, which essentially translates into : can’t bring myself to do paid work. But sometimes I reckon that’s okay, because it leaves time for the other things . . . like writing my story (which I’m doing, by the way – 2000 words and running hot!), and participating in the Goins Writing Challenge.

Well, I don’t often mention my Catherine Brunelle writing blog here on Bumpyboobs, but today’s challenge in the Goins thing is to take a risk. So I’m taking a semi-risk by posting some fresh & childish writing on my CB page, and only mentioning it on my Bumpyboobs. However, I will include a link.

If you’re so inclined, you are welcome to read. It’s nothing, really, but a bit of fun. This is not literature to change the world, though it does change my mood.

Discreet Link to Writing!

Have an awesome Friday – may it involve Hawaiian shirts, flip flops and white sand beaches . . . or just a bit of relaxation in general.

P.S. The house is full of mystery today. Where have all our sunglasses gone? How could they all be missing? Maybe it’s the chipmunks again . . . yes, let’s blame it on the chipmunks.

5 thoughts on “My “mention it” Post

  1. Hi Catherine, I loved the story! I think you have every right to write children’s stories if you want, the important thing is to be a good story teller, which you are. I read it to Elliot just a few minutes ago. He’s still a bit too young for stories that don’t have pictures, but he did sit still and listen to the entire story (which is quite an accomplishment, let me tell you). His comment was: “I like Ladybug best. Even though she’s a girl”. 🙂

  2. Great story. The imagery was awesome; I was there. I would love to hear more stories about Little Zsolti.

    Your style in this story reminds me of the best seller, “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel.

  3. I’m so glad you are participating in the Goins writing challenge. I’ll try to do it at times, but won’t be able to keep up every day. Good for you!! Happy Friday. xx

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