Random Footprints

I don’t want to be overly sentimental or cosmic or something like that, but at this moment I am most certainly leaning on faith and relearning what that means.

Anyhow, today I was feeling rather crummy, my belly was all ‘blah’ and stuff, so I picked up a random book from my shelf for distraction. Distraction is a rare thing these past few days. I can’t get my mind off all that big scary stuff I don’t want to think about and yet can’t stop considering.

Anyhow, the book was Homar Price, and it’s a very old copy that my Dad passed along to me and I totally adore. So, sitting down, I opened the book thinking I’d glance at a couple pages. And there where I opened it was a bookmark. A book mark that I’d cut and written out years ago on a piece of sketch paper, and at some point shoved into my books while packing between moves and never thought about again. And on that book mark was my very favourite poem.

You probably know it, it’s that footprints poem. So I sat there and read the poem, and in a way, it was just a nice reminder. It held no promises, but I reckon it held some hope and the idea of a lighter load, and right now, I could really use a lighter load.

Anyhow, for that poem to end up in that book and be opened by me at that time . . . it was so beautifully random that I’ll take it for a miracle. And if one miracle can happen, maybe more can too 🙂

Here’s a copy of the poem. It’s the footprints poem.


One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand: one belonging
to him, and the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times along the path of
his life there was only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened at the very
lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him and he
questioned the Lord about it,
“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you’d walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why when
I needed you most you would leave me.”
The Lord replied,
“My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you.”

3 thoughts on “Random Footprints

  1. dear Catherine,

    I am so glad you found just the right words to give you comfort and hope. what were the chances? sometimes life can be random in the cruelest way, but often randomness turns out to be a good thing. I am thinking of you with love lit with the bright light of hope and sending those thoughts right through the universe to comfort you while you are waiting…

    much love, XOXO

    Karen, TC

  2. Faith and love are so important for lifting our spirits. I learnt that from your dad when he showed me how to connect to faith and how to appreciate the love that surrounds me. Read poetry, listen to music, spend time in nature and hug those who love you. Being “cosmic” is soothing for the soul … yup, I learnt that from your dad … he is my inspiration, and I can imagine what treasures that old book of his contains. Much love, Francoise.

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