Adventures of JUICING and BRUNCH

BRUNCHToday I’m going to share with you an adventure in Brunch and Juicing. Okay, so that’s a bit less thrilling sounding than my Adventures of Claire Never-Ending, but this is real life baby, and real life only gets really dramatic once in a while. And thank goodness today wasn’t a dramatic sort-of day.

This morning I walked from my lovely apartment in Vanier to my brother and his girlfriend’s home. It was only about a 30 minute walk, but oh-my-god I was so knackered you wouldn’t believe it. For some reason, I’d had a pounding headache that started yesterday evening and lasted all the way through to today. But, there was no thoughts of cancelling the pre-arranged brunch. This was brunch, after all. No one in their right mind (or good bodily condition) cancels lunch.

So, I threw on my dress that Zsolt describes as a giant “Greek flag”, dark prescription sunglasses, too-big-but-I-LOVE-it fedora hat and turquoise scarf. Basically, I must have looked incredibly hung-over. But you know how headaches are, sunlight starts to hurt.

45 minutes later and I’m at their apartment. Don’t ask me where those extra 15 minutes of walking came from. I blame the exhaustion.

Knock on the door. Go in the apartment. Say hi to Bro and his lovely lady. Next thing that happens, I ask my brother to needle me.

“Needle what?!” You might be asking.

Needle ME. He is an acupuncturist practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (and personal trainer too, as well as a Qi Gong teacher). Lately he’s been treating me to help with relaxation, because Lord, it’s stressful lately (duh). So he has me sit on the sofa and then starts sticking the needles into my foot. I’m one giant pain-baby, but it’s mostly okay. Not even needle pinches, but the ones that do fade away pretty quick. After it fades, you’re left with a strange feeling. I guess that’s the Qi working it’s magic.

Anyhow, we do that. And he needles between my feet, hands, and face. Then we breathe together. Meanwhile, his very lovely partner is in the kitchen preparing BRUNCH. In and out, he’s got me breathing through my belly. It’s good. I’m relaxing despite the headache. It’s very good . . .

Fast-forward thirty minutes: the needles are out and I’m downstairs in his garden cutting out pieces of organic kale and char for the BRUNCH and JUICING. We’re out there working, and suddenly I realized that my headache has dropped from a 8 to a 2 . .  . it’s barely there and getting better and better. So today is a special day, because today I’m admitting my older brother is right –there may be something behind his acupuncture work, and frankly, I’m amazed it dispelled a headache that was pounding all-night-long. (Much like some neighbours were doing as well at 3am with techno music blaring. But that’s another story. Zing!)

Anyhow: to my bro JP, thank you for the help.

New folder

After we gather the veg, (which my brother insisted we harvest with the intention of getting good mojo from the leaves) we headed up into the kitchen to join his girlfriend in the BRUNCH making.

I just freaking love BRUNCH.


JP gets out the juicer while his girlfriend (who I should ask, I guess, if I can use her actual name sometime) starts making this amazing omelet thing with garlic shoots, goat cheese, fresh garden-grown tomatoes (I’m hungry again just writing this. Seriously. Food, please!) makes the food and checks the potatoes.

My brother is a juicing wizard. In goes the carrots, the ginger, the kale in bunches and the apples – out comes this glorious green juice. We drink it immediately and it’s so freaking delish. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but how can you not feel more healthy while downing that green JUICE?

And next thing the food is ready, we at the table eating, and Catherine is very, very happy.

Having started the day feeling exhausted, hung-over (without having drank or done anything fun the night before), and aching in the brain . . . it was just such a lovely time. It was such a lovely time, and I thought today I might share something entirely lovely with you.

So to JP and You-Know-Who, thank you so much for having me over for BRUNCH and JUICE!

Now in other news . . .

Amelia excerpt titleI’ve made the first excerpt PDF for you to read from my novel. The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t start yet, but I am collecting emails if you want to sign up to be notified. But in the meanwhile, give this a read and see what you think of the first Claire. Her name is Amelia Claire Earl. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Adventures of JUICING and BRUNCH

  1. Acupuncture, green juice and brunch with family – it really doesn’t get much better than that! Wish I had a brother to give me the needle now and then…. I’m now off to give the first Claire a read.

  2. dear Catherine,

    I am so very happy for your beautiful LOVELY day! happy for the headache going away with the NEEDLING by your bro, wonderful
    BRUNCH food by your bro’s partner, and the JUICE that made you feel so fine and healthy. the photo of you snuggling up to the kale (and chard?) is adorable – and I love that greek flag dress! and nice to see the photo of your brother, too; apparently, good looks run through your family – he’s pretty easy on the eyes, he his.

    I am so excited to read the excerpt from the first Claire, Amelia!

    I hope the rest of your day was happy and relaxing, Catherine. I think of you every day and send my best thoughts and most powerful vibes for healing, comfort, and big hope,

    love and light, XOXO


  3. What a beautiful day! I’m so glad you’re getting lots of pampering from those around you. And I’m a little envious that you have acupuncture on tap like that 😉

    Now can’t wait to read your writing excerpt!

  4. When it comes to needles (for acupuncture), JP is the best! I would not go to anyone else. He makes the pain in any part of my body go away, and I feel like bouncing off the walls (with energy) after an acupuncture session … he knows how to make the Qi flow.

    It’s great you don’t mind big bro ‘needling’ you. 🙂

    He definitely knows his stuff … the acupuncture, the Tuina massage, Qi Gong exercises, the personal training, his organic vegetables. I’m a big fan of his work.

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