YouTube with my Mom: we’re making whipped body butter

When I showed this to my husband he said, “I don’t know where to place this.”  I assume he means he doesn’t know what to make of it. Fair enough, Mr. Scientist Husband. But I’ll tell you what I make of it: This video is awesome! And it is awesome for two reasons: 1) The body butter is a beautiful thing. And 2) It’s a little time capsule of my Mom and I having fun together.

So here is our first attempt at a video. It’s a little all over, a little quiet, a little rambling .  . . but it was fun. So watch and enjoy! Around 2:11 Zsolt, while watching, groaned from total embarrassment. He said, “I was thinking I had the most beautiful wife, and then you go and do that!

(And speaking of all-natural body butter, I have a far more serious and racy post in the mix for Bumpyboobs. This week, I actually interviewed AnneMarie of Chemo Brain Fog on her project regarding sexuality post/during cancer. Okay, it was just an email interview – I sent about four questions, but it’s going to be a good post for opening conversation, so stay tuned for later this week. We are talking about S-E-X, etc. 🙂 

P.S. In the spare wisps of my days, I’m trying to work on this newsletter. About a  month ago, I had this great idea of making a choose-your-own-adventure style short-story using Aliza from my novel, and some ridiculous character she encounters. My idea is to write the story, then create it as a trail you click through online, page to page as you make your choices in the narrative . (And maybe with an Easter Egg here or there.) So this little idea is actually a lot of work. But it’s coming, so if you want to see it, sign up here and get on the mailing list. Considering the time it’s taking me to write the first newsletter, you won’t become a nuisance to your inbox. 🙂

10 thoughts on “YouTube with my Mom: we’re making whipped body butter

  1. You two are adorable! I love the recipe and the fun you had together. Great idea to make for a girls party too. (The lights on the glasses are especially intriguing, love them.)

  2. dear Marcel and Catherine,

    this was the first thing I saw this morning – and I don’t think there could be anything more charming and heart warming to have started my day! I love the project, but most of all I love your mother/daughter togetherness and seeing how much you enjoyed one another – your laughter and the fun you obviously had will make a wonderful time-capsule for mom/daughter time together. and the body butter (or buddy butter – not such a bad idea!) looks like it turned out great – ummm, so rich and creamy, and it must smell divine. poor Zsolt if he gets roped in to being your first customer. message to Zsolt – try it, you’ll like it!

    off to sign up for the inter-active story you are creating Catherine. sounds like great fun! your creativity just blows me away!

    much love and light,


    • Hi Karen 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed the video. It was really fun to make.

      I’m working on the story here and there. A friend of mine just suggested creating images (she’s part-artist, part academic), so I’m very excited for that.

  3. Catherine, your Mother is a blast, love her laughter, and it really shows in the video that you all had a great time. I could not understand the name of the Website where the receipe came from so if you could share that, I would love to try this. Good day to both of you movie stars in the making. Your Friend from Texas, Christine

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