A Love Between Two Aliens

Last night Zsolt and I were laying in bed and talking. This is what we do, and I reckon it’s what many couples do. I was asking him if he thought we’ve always known one another and could sense each other out across the world before we even met.

He figured that was unlikely. Though he did think it was a miracle we met at all, and quite a remarkable thing if you consider the infinite number of aspects that had to line up for us to meet in that hostel in Nice, and at that time in our lives. The odds are basically even higher than winning the lottery.

I said true enough. It was a miracle that we met, and that we’re together. And I also said that I reckon we did know each other in some sense, even if it wasn’t a past life. Right from the start our energies synced up and I knew he was for me.

He said that maybe we were synced somehow.

You and MeAnd then I came up with the idea that maybe we’re just aliens passing through, and we’re travelling together across the universe – since we enjoy travelling so much – and living a variety of lives and existences as we get to know a place.

He said if that was the case, then we better enjoy our time on earth since we’ll not be stopping here again.

I agreed. I love earth, but if the universe is on offer, how can a alien/person/soul not want to go out there and explore it?

I asked him where he wants to visit next.

He said he didn’t know, but it will be good.

It will be good, I agreed.

Then we talked about Earth, because we’re here now and enjoying ourselves. The people are nice and the scenery is beautiful. Except, of course, not everyone is nice and not everything is beautiful. Certainly not everything is easy. But we like it anyhow. It’s a miracle that it exists, just like it’s a miracle that we are together. And I kinda enjoyed thinking of myself as an alien who is living in a body and passing through.

So, even if he might not believe in past lives, and I might not believe in coincidences, we both certainly believe in miracles. And aliens.

Every day with my husband is a miracle. I couldn’t get more lucky than having him as a companion for travelling the universe, and for talking in bed late at night. So, that is that and I’m very glad for it.

To Zsolt on Valentine’s Day: I love you. : ) Obviously!

10 thoughts on “A Love Between Two Aliens

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  2. oh, Catherine,

    what a beautiful post – thank you so much for sharing about the big, beautiful miracle of you and Zsolt, so in love with each other, so in love with life. I love the montage of the photos of the two of you.

    much love and light,

    Karen xoxo

  3. You two are really something! I believe in miracles too…And in aliens! And in love – I most definitely believe in that! Wonderful post, Catherine. Thank you.

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