Running Nowhere Fast

Have you ever had that dream where the bad guy is chasing you, so you want to run away – but you’re getting absolutely nowhere? That’s how I feel sometimes. Mostly when I have a hot flash, but sometimes it simply happens without any hot flashes at all.

Like today. Today I feel like I’m trying to run somewhere and not actually moving. Admittedly, in the literal world you’d never catch me running. I’m allergic to running . . . well, if a person could be allergic to exercise, I’d be allergic to running and baseball. But in the metaphorical sense I want to run as in move forward with life. I love those moments of success and celebration, I also love those moments of rest and reflection, and give me a bit of time to write to make it all totally lovely – but to get to those moment, I apparently require these moments of taking the metaphorical lego pieces and building a life one tiny block after another tiny block, and my face is so close to the construction that I can’t even see what I’m building.

Oops. I jumped metaphors.

Running really hard but going absolutely nowhere.

Today that is how I feel.

Tomorrow may be different.

Probably I just need more chocolate. I will now test that hypothesis and go make myself some low-sugar cookies. Cause a girl needs her cookies .

12 thoughts on “Running Nowhere Fast

  1. I hate those dreams. Had them when I was a kid. I was always running away from the bad guy, in slow motion as if I were up to my thighs in mud. The bad guy never caught me; maybe he was running in slow motion too 🙂 What if we could change that dream and have us running into the welcoming arms of a loved one, or from the top of a hill down into a beautiful valley? I like reframing my negative thoughts. For example, whenever I get a hot flash, I think instead that my Qi is flowing … must be some poweful Qi too to make me feel so hot! When my bad dreams won’t go away, that’s when I see my dream fixer … his name begins with T and he’s good.

  2. By the way, I like the metaphor. Never heard it before and it works … a Catherine Brunelle metaphor … we heard it here first!

  3. ahhhh, Catherine,

    you have described exactly what this week has been for me – and I can already see the nightmare appearing in my dreams. I think we come to a point when things slow down a bit, and we have trouble reconciling what’s worthwhile looking back on – the huge accomplishments and progress with moving forward that took us on a high, albeit, perhaps a bit frantically – and we just don’t feel comfortable being at more than a brief standstill. I am learning that taking time to “just be” has it’s own merits – but admit it’s hard to get into that state of mind. I like the lego analogy – but I like the idea of cookies better! then a good nap.

    much love and light to you, my Friend,

    Karen XOXOXO

  4. Ok, I know I am always telling you stuff, but here is how to handle that issue of running away from something or someone and not getting anywhere. Listen to your subconscious by doing the following:
    1. Sit of lay with your ankles crossed
    2. Cross your wrists, one over the other and then interlock your fingers(you will figure it out)
    3. Now go into the angst, bad dream, the fear… whatever.
    Stay that way until your mind changes gear. Such as, I wonder what is on TV tonight.
    Don’t go into thinking happy thoughts such as puppy dogs and butterflys. Go into the fear and let your subconscious talk it out in your mind. When it is done, you will feel a lot better. Better than stuffing it back down inside.
    Trust me, this works, so give it a try.
    love Dad

    • I never thought about doing this for bad dreams. It does work by bringing me to a quiet place where my mind runs out of things to say and then I draw a blank and can fall back asleep. I think the position of my crossed wrists and interlocking fingers close to my chest has a calming effect which makes me sleepy.
      Its a quieter tool that can be done in the dark, unlike the mirror questions or the left-hand/right-hand writing which I need to do fully awake in order to write out the answers. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I don’t think I’ve had that particular dream… and running, I guess I’m allergic to that too, even in dreams I guess! Some days I do definitely feel like I’m running and going nowhere fast. I suppose we all have days like that. And I agree. Whoever invented the cookie was one ‘smart cookie’. Okay, that was totally lame. Sorry.

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