Memories of Chat Rooms

Hi, I just saw my blog now has different format options for posts. This is apparently “Chat Mode!” Do you remember those chat rooms from back in the day? It was one of the first things I ever did on the internet. There was this website that looked like a house, and you could move room to room chatting with people. I was way too innocent to realize that when people asked “what colour is your hair” it wasn’t just out of curiosity. For me, back then, “chat rooms” and “chatting” was just about saying hello to this new world at my finger tips. Actually, that applies to today as well.


Now, how does the actual CHAT work here? No questions about hair, etc, please 🙂

Hmm, the post preview doesn’t actually look any different from a normal post. I’m going to hit publish anyhow and see what happens.

One thought on “Memories of Chat Rooms

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