Book Launch Recap and Pictures for #ClaireNE

927944_246674885537252_714669401_nWhile I try sorting out having my CT scan moved till after my B-Day (Onco appointment moved, but the scan needs to utbe fixed. I just got my two weeks letter yesterday), you can enjoy these pictures from the book launch!

My facebook page has the whole album, so I’ll leave most there and just share a few here while I describe the party.

Thank you to everyone who made it such a great success.

My mom did fortune telling 🙂

My brother JP who practises traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture donated two sessions to the bingo draw.

My friend Catherine made three batches of homemade cookies – some were even gluten free.

Domicile allowed us to use their space, and were so great about helping set up. The ladies there for Domicile were totally charming.

016 copy 2 & Look Good Feel Better donated two stunning watches.

Lou Truss donated a photo session and took photos of the event (which you can see on the facebook page)

AND Lise Boivin provided gorgeous paintings of local nature scenes on which people could bid. (She’s also the only lady without a web presence, but if you want to get in touch with her just shoot me an email.)

1All together, we drank many massive bottles of wine (Zsolt was the bartender, and a wine-enthusiast for the night), had well over 50 people come along across the evening, got the book into more people’s hands, had folks dropping in from off the street, raised over $800 for A Fresh Chapter, flipped through 140 slides, had at least ½ a dozen fortunes read, ate many beautiful and yummy homemade cookies, snacked on a spread designed by Costco, mom and my dad, had three bingo winners, and enjoyed many, many happy conversations.

It was great. 🙂

And whew, now it’s done. 🙂

Facebook page with pictures, once more.

Oh! And if you want to grab a book for Mother’s Day and you are in Ottawa – Chapters in Kanata has several copies avaiable.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to come. I so very much appreciate you being there. And for those who missed it, thank you for all the good wishes and thoughts. It was a great success, I reckon!


6 thoughts on “Book Launch Recap and Pictures for #ClaireNE

  1. Catherine, it was a pleasure to come out and support your work! You looked radiant, the space was wonderful and your bartender husband is a very good host! Be well, Ann

  2. I had a great time at your book launch. The bingo was the best ice-breaker I have ever experienced and I met many wonderful people. The energy of the crowd was energizing. Kudos to you, your family and your sponsors for putting on such an entertaining event.

  3. dear Catherine and Zsolt,

    oh, I so wish I could have been with you for the wonderful Book Launch party! the photos on FB are terrific – everyone having such a marvelous time. thanks for sharing them. it was so lovely that so many people who love your both and others who were such generous sponsors made it all so special and came together to make such a happy and successful occasion.

    much love,


  4. So glad your book launch was such a success. By looking at the pictures it really shows in your smile. You have accomplished so much, keep kicking it and best of luck on your scans. Like you, I would always wait until after a major event before my scans, your upcoming birthday is a great reason to hold off until after. You are always in my thoughts.

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