I’m lucky to have my mom

My mom and I go for tea and talk about all kind of things. It’s nice. I guess maybe it’s a relationship everyone has with their mother, but then again, maybe not. This morning “us kids” went over to my parents house to help work on the garden – me, Zsolt and my little brother. The day was spent pulling up weeds and making the flower beds look tidy. I’m still not sure if this was actually a good Mother’s Day gift, since my mom was right there in the yard fixing things up alongside us and that cannot have been relaxing, even if it was helpful. I kept trying to get her to stop, but I guess the job really did need to get done – and get done properly.

But anyhow, on the way home I somehow got to thinking about sisters. My little brother – who isn’t actually so little, and was driving us home in his car – asked me if I feel like I missed out on something by never having a sister. So I thought that over, and thought about my friends who have sisters. Well, maybe I missed out on a closeness that seems to happen between sisters, but then I think about my mom. We get along very well. We’re both stubborn, and both quite sensitive, and both like having time together. So, I therefore concluded in my brother’s car that maybe I didn’t miss out on anything too much since I have my mom to be friends with.

We go for tea and talk all about everything. But I especially love that we can talk about our work and we so get it. We get one another’s habits, and can talk about one another’s projects, and know one another’s challenges. We take turns reflecting, and then turns in observing. We drink out tea and we are easy in one another’s company.

Plus we made this video, which I’ll share here again because it is Mother’s Day. I’m very lucky to have my mom. 🙂

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m lucky to have my mom

  1. dear Catherine,

    when I viewed the video (when you first posted it) I could see the love and fun and pure pleasure you and your Sweet Mom share. what a gift! and I am sure she really appreciated all of you helping get her garden all set for Spring. love, Karen xoxo

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