You might like this, and, “SPIDER CRISIS!” Another post written late at night.

Oh my goodness, it’s getting late! You know what that means? Time for another rambling middle of the night blog post!

Except this week I’m keeping it very short, and possibly sweet if you enjoy this sort of thing. So, obviously Bumpyboobs is my little home on the internet. Many people reading this blog have their own little homes on the internet. We know how important these spaces are – these are the spaces in which we can say what needs to be said, find support, bring our own take on hot topics, begin conversations and much, much more.

Sacred spaces. 🙂

Oh blogging, I do love you.

Anyhow, this week I want to share another project that I think we can really relate to. Over at my new second home online . . .or would that be my third home after and fourth after SisterLeadership and fifth after twitter . . .

Hmm. ..

Anyhow, my new thing is OttawaWrites, which isn’t truly focused just on Ottawa. It’s a podcast for writers, simple as that. And this week I had the loveliest interview about creating social change through writing. And what better community to share that conversation with than BLOGGERS?! OR, those who read blogs and quietly think “I’d like to share my story too.”

The nice thing here, is this interview is about an Alternative Media Assembly workshop – writing for social change, and that is going to be live streamed on Saturday. You can catch the streaming here from anywhere in the world:

(In the meanwhile, here’s the podcast chat about writing for social change)


In this interview, the lovely Alexis Shotwell explains how she wants to make writing accessible for everyone. She also talks about writing for change – and so importantly, how an advocacy piece of writing isn’t simply a rant, but will leave the reader with takeaways to consider, be it questions, or suggestions, or guidance, etc.

So I think this might be perfect for many of you writers (and to-be-writer) who have a message to share. Therefore, I’ll link in the podcast, and if you like go giver ‘er a listen.


(P.S. I am in the forest this week at a retreat. We’re reworking a client’s website/blog and focus, so went away from the world to really slow down and focus. Zsolt is alone at home fending for himself in terms of food. Thank goodness for takeout, otherwise I think the man would starve! MMUH to my man, if you are reading this post! )

Oh lord, now it’s 11 pm and the room may…. be spinning…just a little. So, this post is over. I’m tired.

Back to bed!

P.P.S. I’m staying in the basement of this cottage, and there is a really big spider on the wall right by the bed. OH MY GOD, it just flew through the air toward me! OPERATE ELIMINATE SPIDER IS ON!

P.P.P.S. It was a fly. I wasn’t wearing my glasses. In any case, it’s been taken care of. eep.

Good night! (Don’t forget to listen to that podcast if advocay in writing is your kinda thing. Even if you aren’t in Ottawa, they will be live streaming the talk this coming Saturday – so everyone can catch it.)


3 thoughts on “You might like this, and, “SPIDER CRISIS!” Another post written late at night.

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  2. Oh, I want to listen to those chats!
    And I’m totally laughing at the spider/fly. I would feel the same way. Even after learning it was a fly, I would still hate it even more than I would hate a normal fly because SPIDER! lol!

    • Oh yes, please do listen 🙂 And yeah – I’d say it had crossed a line. Though the next day, I found a real and HUGE spider outside of my door. That is what you get when being at a cottage. Eeeeeeep.

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