Happy Thanksgiving!

They said we couldn’t do it. They said it would be too difficult to grow. They said, these plants are far too fragile.

BUT WE DID IT, BABY!Paprika Love Note

And this evening, we feasted on those little peppers (paprikas), along with a potatoe layer meal. Proper Hungarian. Proper gardening. Zsolt’s heroic pepper plant grew the largest pepper. It was delicious. The others were a bit too ‘green’, but hey, we’re learning. So, Sunday evening the two of us had our own tiny thanksgiving for being togehter, growing together, and overcoming incredible odds.

Happy thanksgiving to you as well. Even if this isn’t your official holiday, may you have a reason, or many reasons, to be grateful.


Be well.


7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I like the story of Zsolt’s heroic pepper plant. It grew the biggest pepper after being broken, and “it was delicious.” Yay pepper plant!

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  3. dear Dear Catherine and master pepper grower Zsolt,

    Happy Thanksgiving! the peppers look awesome, and I am so delighted for you to get to enjoy such a lovely holiday feast incorporating the peppers! gee, the color is really beautiful, fits the autumnal feeling. hope you have had a wonderful weekend – I was a bit late to your post.

    much love,
    Karen OOxxOO

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