It’s Offical: We are outta here

We have given notice on our apartment. Our beatuiful and messed up apartment in Vanier. From giant bedrooms and a gorgeous kitchen to sprinting cockroaches and a neighour who never stops smoking in the apartment below . . .

In March I’ll be getting my scans, and then I’ll be getting results. I’ll also be packing up the entire apartment and moving everything into a storage facility. Because we want to go to Hungary in April. Big Z hasn’t seen his family for a year, and Lake Balaton has been lacking my good company. So whatever the news, we are going. For how long – I don’t know.

Chugga, chugga Train of Life, there you are going forward again – and as usual, I’m not sure what will come next!

9 thoughts on “It’s Offical: We are outta here

  1. Going to Hungary in the spring with Zsolt sounds wonderful. I remember a blog of yours where you described the fresh fruit and homemade meals in Hungary which had my mouth watering. Carpe diem, or as my wise cat Zeus would say, “Seize the tuna!”

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  3. what a lovely thing to look forward to – seeing Zolt’s family, the delights of Hungary, the lake, and no more smoke and icky critters. so, so happy for you both!

    much love,

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