Experimenting with Audio & Storytelling

🙂 I’ve been recording some of my blog posts via a voice program lately, and this evening I just wanted to do something lovely. So, I spend the night working on this. It’s kinda a capture of this blog here at bumpyboobs/catherinebrunelle and yet another way of sharing stories. This is one episode and I’m calling the show “Hey, It’s Me” cause that’s how I roll.

I like it. You like it?

The music gives it a nice added layer and emotion and meaning. If I make more, they’ll be a mixture of blog reading, random stuff saying, etc. But here’s a first taste to see how well she can be digested.

In the meanwhile, enjoy! ~Catherine

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with Audio & Storytelling

  1. Cool. I need to get a voice program as well. Typing has become a real challenge for me lately with the neuropathy from chemo and maybe also due to brain treatment. Keep up the episodes! xxx

    • Jan, I find it to be almost as good as typing. Maybe a voice recorder would be a good alternative for you, too? I certainly find just the speaking/recording to be a release.

      More episodes to come soon. 🙂

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