Easter and Expectations

Happy Easter 😉 For awhile there I thought spring had finally arrived, but nope, not quite yet! The Easter bunny had to wear snow boots this morning.

So the apartment is crazy. Yeah, we are still here. At least, our stuff is still here. The official get-out-already date is April 12th. That’s when we have muscle lined up to come in and help carry boxes down the street to my friend’s basement. Muscle = my two brothers and my dad’s truck.

The funny thing about this move is that we don’t know what will happen next. Will we leave the country for vacation soon? Will we need to get an apartment before the fall? Will I be on a plane defying logic and jetlag as I fly back and forth between Montreal and Budapest (and can that be managed? Zsolt thinks it is crazy, I think it is brilliant. Except for the actual flying…flying is not fun.)

Many things are up in the air. We’ve both decide we will be hitting up Hungary this summer, it’s really the when and the ‘how long’ that are in question. My parents reckon we should simply take off and let lake Balaton feed my soul. I want to get onto this study Dr Canada had mentioned.

Speaking of which, I’ll need to call him this week to chase it up.

Day have been passing by. I breathe in and out and think ‘hey, no trouble there’ and try to image the cancer cells melting away into nothingness. It’s a blessing to be able to mostly ignore the situation…I mean, I don’t ignore it, but I try to ignore it as much as possible when I’m not doing something about it. I try to focus on other things.

Other things… yeah… my attention has been jumping between projects. One second I’m packing. Next I’m editing audio (my latest thing). Then I’m researching this article. Now I’m going out to meet a friend. Then, finally, I settle down and do actual work.

The other day I was listening to This American Life, and there was this episode about Batman. Except it was more bat man… and they guy wasn’t a bat at all. The show shared a story of a fellow who lost his sight as a young boy. But now, as a grown man… well, he says he can see. He says, he grew up seeing the world through clicks – like bats use sound to see. And he has done this for so long, that now he can actually see things, shapes of sorts, even thought he literally has no eyes. When in an MRI, he mind lights up just like yours or mine would when being told to watch a passing object.

INCREDIBLE. Listen here.

The point being: He has defied general expectation simply because he never agreed with it in the first place. He’s taught himself to see again. This to me is remarkable. His beliefs and consequent actions made something happen that was never thought possible.

No time to finish that thought! It’s off for a family meal in Kanata.

Happy Easter!!!


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