It’s Cancerous: A Love Story

I wrote this ‘game’ in the summer, and intended it for #metastatic breast cancer day (i.e. stage 4) during this month for #breastcancer awareness. It’s still in its rough form, but I’ll share it because that was why I wrote it, and believe me it wasn’t so easy to write. This isn’t everyone’s experience, and to be honest I have purposefully given it a vague ending – to be interpreted as you like. But it springs from very real frustrations. The options are not easy, and not enough.

So, play if you dare.

Click here: It’s Cancerous: A Love Story




5 thoughts on “It’s Cancerous: A Love Story

  1. Oh Catherine, This video is SO POWERFUL. Thank you for being so brave, so beautiful, so pissed, so loving, so OUT THERE, so REAL to share what breast cancer that morphs into metastatic breast cancer means to the life of a living, breathing human in a day, in in a string of more than a thousand days of a fucking monkey riding on your back, of a stomping, angry elephant in the room, of the cascade of dread and uncertainty and exhaustion and what ifs that washes over the living, breathing human and all those in her/his tribe. Breathe, Just Be, Live in the Now. Rinse, Repeat. Damn – it’s still there.

    Look up, stretch out your arms ’cause I am sending you a gazillion hugs. And wear your sunglasses so you can see and catch all the Hope I am raining down upon you, wrapped in the brightest, shiniest rays of light.

    I Love You,


  2. I tried the game once based on my own reactions, and it read like a detective novel where you are looking for the solutions, but you go deeper into –it!

    Well written and it captures the intensity of the reveal. Not an easy game to play for real.

    After playing the game, the puppy made me think like I was having a bad dream and I wanted to say to it, “Are you kidding me?” Hum, funny how a cute puppy can turn into a symbol of irony.

    Point well made Catherine.

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