Saying “No” is Boring

So let’s cut back to regular normal life. Because that all still happens, even when I do crack and write my little crisis moments here on the blog. In my normal life, I have come to realize I’m really doing far too much. It’s coming to the point where I need to wrap up obligations and say no to taking-on any more.

Boo! That’s so boring. However, for the time being, I believe it is becoming more and more necessary. I love, love, love collaboration and new ideas and trying new things – but I’m genuinely becoming tired. My husband can attest. There are very good days, but there are just as many days where it’s hard to do anything but strap an ice pack to my head. Of course, we all face this kind of up and down, and I know this situation is not unique. However, I do feel like I should take my opportunities to slow down.

Slowly things are wrapping up. Very slowly.

Towards the end of the summer, I finished the literary blog review that I’d been writing for Apartment 613. Dusted and done. I decided to stop trying to finish up that It’s Cancerous game and just leave it be as it was. Now, as we move into November, I am finishing up the production and promotion of a special radio episode that I’ve been able to produce. It’s really freaking beautiful, and I’m quite proud. Storytelling is a power medium – even, for me, somehow more powerful when you couple good writing with good audio.

Can I share it with you? This is a project I did for the World Wildlife Fund and Hub Ottawa. I think it was done very well. 🙂 There are several things I’ve been proud of lately – my contribution to Foment Magazine and the literary festival episodes, my husband or everything he does, and this project now completed with the help of a small grant.

So give it a listen. Various Ottawa-based writers submitted their writing, and I picked a handful, organized readings and hosted the episode. This stuff is wonderful. No matter what happens, this episode will have been produced. It’s a time capsule of creativity. Just like my Claires.

I do get tired. Oh – so – tired. For days on end, I get home from work and my head is knackered. I push too hard, and don’t stop when my body suggests it might be time. Instead I say, ‘one more thing.’ – and while this really truly cannot go on – at least not at this weird transition phase in my life, I do so love the results of a project well done.

Anyhow, as I slowly ease myself out of saying “yes” so often, I will leave you with this. It’s a wonderful 45 minutes of storytelling. I really freaking love it, and think everyone did wonderfully.

Listen here:


4 thoughts on “Saying “No” is Boring

  1. With all the exciting projects that you undertake, I can see why it’s hard to say no, especially if you put 100% into each and every project. I’ve been there with projects that are close to my heart (e.g., volunteering for a cat shelter). I have had to learn to say no so as to leave time for me to build up my energy reserves and create some “me time”–no longer volunteering at the cat shelter. I’ve discovered that saying no is empowering, and other people are able to get on without my help.

    Know what’s really close to your heart that will inspire you and build joyful energy for you. Think of your “me time” or “we time” with Zsolt, then saying no will become easier.

    Sending energy your way, and thinking of you always.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    It took me a while to set aside the time to listen to the story-telling program, but I am so happy i listened to your incredibly wonderful and diverse and exquisite writers telling their stories of the Sea. I could hear the joy of accomplishment you shared with the other collaborators that made the program so special.

    I hope that as you begin to spend more time with self care you will not feel badly about saying, “No” to things you would ordinarily jump upon, but begin to see yourself as a most worthy project, one that provides peace and comfort and satisfaction as you begin to move forward toward having more time to indulge in You, along with your Zsolt.

    Much love,


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