For quite a long time Zsolt and  I have  wanted to get a dog. And while I’m still so hooked on my very first and deep-in-the-heart retriever, there’s room in our lives for another happy pooch. A hypo-allergic pooch.

But in the  meanwhile, as we wait to live somewhere that could happily accommodate a dog, I feel we’re getting a taste of doggy life. My hair is  shedding all over the darn place! Here’s a hair, there’s a hair, every where’s a hair hair.

Everyone says it’s fine, and that’s greatly appreciated. But yes, we have a shedding animal in the house, and it’s me!


7 thoughts on “Shedding!

  1. I know it’s hard to be “shedding” as you put it. And I’m sorry. Hope you do get that pooch one day soon. Hugs.

  2. Catherine, you made me smile when I think of your persona as a shedding Golden Retriever on old MacDonald’s farm … hair, hair, everywhere.

    My persona would be a shedding calico cat with attitude … orange, black and white fur everywhere. She would say, “I may look like a Devon Rex with my shedded fur, but you can call me Regina.” Then she would regally walk out of the room with her tail held high.

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  4. Mike teased me and the dogs, we honestly couldn’t tell who the hair belonged to. I am sorry. 😦 You may have the odd issue that I have… some of it starts to grow back and then more falls out. So I have this weird fuzz all of the time. I can’t decide if I like bald bald more.

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