For quite a long time Zsolt and  I have  wanted to get a dog. And while I’m still so hooked on my very first and deep-in-the-heart retriever, there’s room in our lives for another happy pooch. A hypo-allergic pooch.

But in the  meanwhile, as we wait to live somewhere that could happily accommodate a dog, I feel we’re getting a taste of doggy life. My hair is  shedding all over the darn place! Here’s a hair, there’s a hair, every where’s a hair hair.

Everyone says it’s fine, and that’s greatly appreciated. But yes, we have a shedding animal in the house, and it’s me!


Nothing Butt Net

So this just happened. Zsolt made a joke and thought it was great – very witty. Therefore, for some reason – remembering he played basketball for a long time, I say, “That joke was nothing but net!”

And then he stops, and gets that look he gets. “But net?”

“But net,” I reply.

But net?”

I almost choke on my paleo pizza now, realizing he is actually saying, over and over with that look of trying to understand “Butt net?

Finally I manage: “Nothing. But. Net.”

“Nothing butt net!?”

And then I can’t eat anymore because I’m laughing too hard.

Finally I explain the expression to him, and make the basketball connection. He gets it. I keep laughing.

Apparently, in Hungarian they say “without bone” for that same kind of experience. Also weird. Yet nothing will ever be beat The Butt Net, whatever that may be. You use your imagination, as Zsolt had to do when he got that look he gets.

Ah, good times.

The end.