A week of things

This week was a good week. It’s nice to have them occasionally. I honestly didn’t expect it would be all that wonderful. But it was pretty chill, and productive, and somehow visiting with my radiation doctor made me feel less dismal and more . . . just . . . steady.



Here is what happened. It’s almost so unremarkable that you really needn’t read another word in this post. But I feel like writing it out, so there you go.

This week I saw Margaret Atwood for the second time in my life. I’m editing/recording a mini podcast feature for the Ottawa International Writers Festival and Foment Literary Magazine. It’s a nice thing that gets me out of the house on the rare evening, and lets me talk about events with other literary loving minds. Margaret Atwood wore skeleton gloves for the event, which she picked up at a gas station. Throughout the evening I know everyone in the audience was wondering why she wore those gloves. And I know this because during the Q&A at the end, someone ask her why and everyone clapped. Then when she explained it was a spooky season and she bought them at a gas station, everyone clapped again. Two rounds of applause for the skeleton gloves. And Margaret Atwood. And her new book Hag-Seed, which sounds really entertaining.

Also this week, we have had a bunch of pumpkins populating our home. Tomorrow I’m hosting a small gathering of family and a few friends, and we are carving these pumpkins up. This is really an overly elaborate plan to make other people carve pumpkins so I can enjoy the benefits of roasting pumpkin seeds later. Mmmm, I adore salted roasted pumpkin seeds.

Furthermore, I made a rather excellent cheesecake.

As well! It’s always a satisfying week when I’m able to make progress at work. It seems to me there is always another big project that needs attention. In general, it feels like having this massive piece of ice I’m meant to turn into some lovely sculpture. But the only way to accomplish this gleaming sculpture is to slowly scrape and scrape at the ice till it finally takes forms. The  scraping is emails, phone calls, writing texts, experimenting with ideas, sending newsletters and such. And in the in, you get something wonderful. This week, I could move that sculpture along. But next week, of course, there will always be more to do. This is okay. It helps me. By the by, the Amnesty International Book Club is having a Readers Choice vote – go vote! It closes on the 31st.

Counter that above point: this week I worked mostly from home. I just could not handle it otherwise. Firstly, it’s a post-chemo week. Secondly, I received shitty news about my treatment last week, which got me down down down – and so incubating myself, in a way, helped me cope with all the ice chips I needed to scrape off not only my work sculpture, but my life-in-general sculpture too. And I could cry whenever I wanted. Plus stop to take naps. And watch the end of Star Trek Voyager.

Next: My art class was attended by only two people this past Wednesday. While that sucks for our lovely instructor, it wasn’t at all bad for me. It was useful to have  a little extra input into my impossible-flower-painting-that-is-driving-me-crazy. Oil paint is an interesting medium, but my goodness does it require patience. Patience is not my strongest point. And so, I am reminded to slow down in life.

We cleaned. This is why you invite people over, in additional to harvesting their pumpkin seeds. It forces one to finally clean one’s apartment.

We had sushi. That was fun – it’s this roll-it-yourself sushi that Zsolt and I really enjoy. After finally finding sushi rice at Bulk Barn, we ate our hand-rolled sandwich style sushi. It made us both quite happy.

So you can see, it was an unremarkable week that was nevertheless good.

Last week was terrible. Apparently while other areas in my body are stable’ish’ in regards to the cancer, my liver spots just keep on growing. Fuck buckets. This terrible disease is terrible. However, there are areas in my body that seem mostly stable, and that is good. Dr Canada is working to see what alternative treatments he can find me. I hate cancer. And this is a shitty way to end this happy blog post.

Therefore I will add this! I booked a ticket to go on a trip. I’m excited. Extra excited because I’ll be traveling with my Dad, and we haven’t done anything like this together ever. Not that I can remember, anyhow. It’s gonna be one long plane ride of him saying crazy things, and me taking the bait every time. FUN!

Last thing, it snowed!! Holy moly.

Happy Halloween 🙂



7 thoughts on “A week of things

  1. I would love to be the fly in that plane to hear your conversation with your dad. I like the crazy things he says ’cause his strange anecdotes and stories spark my imagination and make me laugh. I get it that you like to disprove his comments with correct use of English idioms and observations of real life. It’s like my husband and me … I think of strange possibilities while he focuses on facts … but then he’ll surprise me with a comment that’s way out there and very funny. Witty repartee is a fun activity. Have a great trip!

  2. In the larger scheme, I often find that unremarkable weeks are the best ones, those that have a special glow of hominess about them. I’m glad yours has been filled with loveliness like this.

    I too am working my way through Voyager now! (It’s not up to scratch with TNG or DS9, but never mind). Also, inviting people over is definitely the best – and often only – way to clean your flat 🙂

  3. I am so happy you decided to write us all your goings on. I know I write for everyone who checks in here when I say we’re all delighted to read your words. I just love your writing style. It’s so very intimate. Like curling up on a comfy couch with a dear friend. And just listening. The trip with dad sounds just what Dr Canada would’ve ordered. I can’t wait to read about your adventures! Keep us posted. Love you. xoxo

    • Denise, your comments on behalf of the rest of us who read this blog is bang on, and I could not have expressed it any better. Reading Catherine’s words is like curling up on a comfy couch with a dear friend who happens to be smart, witty and perceptive.

      And Catherine, I love the illustrations you create for your blog–scary haloween looks like the cover of an adventure book. My wish is to create water colour illustrations for my book with your whimsical style of drawing (e.g., like your blue whale with the red kite).

  4. That is many lovely things. I can’t paint with oil, I have patience for acrylic because I can paint right over my screw up! I am sorry to hear about your liver, progression is horribly stressful and I am trying to figure something else new also. I hope you guys find the answers that work!

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