Just a letter

Dear Hillary,

Thank you for trying. Thank you for pushing so hard, against so many obstacles. Thank you.

In your concession speech, you said many important things – but one of them just didn’t sit right in my chest. You apologized. You said sorry. Please don’t be sorry, and do not apologize for having tried so damn hard and presenting an option that spoke of compassion, understanding and togetherness.

I can only imagine how the results of this election must have shattered you. They shattered me, and I’m not even American. They knocked me over sideways and made me think about helplessness, and despair, and how the happy ending I seek both personally, physically and globally just do not seem to be coming true. I am sure you wept, and may still weep. I wept too. I weep still.

Amazingly, I have found myself needing to mourn. Never did I expect that feeling. But then, never did I expect you to lose, or England to want to leave the EU, or such septic leadership in Hungary, or fear mongering to have such success, or – personally – to face possibly dying from cancer so damn young. Life is full of these little surprises.

But you also prove that life is full of inspirations. And fight. And strength to try – no matter the outcome. And people who want to care about others. You have become one of my heroes. And I will never be sorry that you gave that glass ceiling a damn hard punch.

Because you fought, you made me stronger. You make many people stronger.


That is all.

5 thoughts on “Just a letter

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  2. Dear Catherine,

    Oh dear, I was in the midst of my comment when it mysteriously flew off to the electronic netherworld, but I will try again, perhaps more concisely this time.

    I loved your letter to Hilary, But, before I get to that I want to let you know that your courage and creativity are never far from mind although this has been a year of internal intentions as I have been adjusting to turning 70 and living alone for the first time in my life, after the passing of my husband a year ago. He was both my grounding-rock and my inspiration as we shared over 20 years of personal and global optimism and work filled with love and hope and optimism.

    Just as I have been refilling a sagging personal balloon of emotional and physical balance (with the help of Awakening Potentials) it is as if the recent election has pricked a hole in the harmony, hope and helium (ie energy) that keep my aloft. That image takes me to the cover of “Never Ending Claire” which I have read forwards and also enjoyed reading backwards as the generations where the surprising cycles of life work both ways.

    I have held back from tendencies to shock and despair and reached for a metaphorical duct-tape to cover the hole in my rising balloon of new courage and hope. I think your letter is the “duct tape” I needed, as you remind me that the tears of shock and disbelief can also nurture new strength and inspiration.

    Your courage that lightens the dark personal days of life’s early uncertainties, strengthens my courage and thankfulness at experiencing the ring of autumn colours, risings suns and awesome moons at age 70.

    I just had a flash of memory (literally at this point in my writing this).. The June when I turned 50, I had the opportunity for a hot air balloon ride (my first and only so far) over Ottawa. It was a clear early morning, and excitement was in the air. My son was helping fill the balloon and my husband was watching attentively, when my son spotted a hole in the lower end of the balloon. We all froze, and the balloon deflated solemnly. My response was to rush to my nearby home and fetch the duct tape. The balloon’s owner assured us that it wasn’t a vital stress point on the balloon, as we patched and reflated successfully. It was a lovely ride, shared with my daughter and my son was in the “chase truck” for our laugh-filled bumpy landing in a farmer’s field. My husband welcomed me home with relief and love.

    I think I can now carry some relief and love from that memory, along with strength and courage from your letter and ongoing courage and creativity through this waning year. And a new year will come, as do new generations, and never-ending cycles of life and death with eternal threads of love, laughter and hope.

    I thank you, dearest Catherine, for new strength and inspiration, As you fight, you make me stronger. Hope, blessings and never-ending healing energy to you.

    Much love, Barbara
    Barbara MacDonald Moore

  3. I was struck by HRC’s apology too. I feel so let down, but not by her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – so important to get perspectives of those who don’t live in the USA too. You’ve inspired me to finish my post on the election. I’ve been struggling to do so, and you’ve given my that little nudge I needed. xo

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