Well it’s the middle of the week and all is well. Quite happily my eye appointment was moved into May, and apart from an MRI of my brain next week, I can comfortably continue getting on with smaller things. Just this morning I decided to lay late in bed and indulge in more sleep. And it was just so lovely because my hips were not sore, my lungs were not thick, my guts didn’t hurt and my head was screwed on. All is well.

The fatigue continues to be a problem. But when things come up, I try to push past that heavy body feeling. For instance, the other day we celebrated a birthday in the family. I prepared all kinds of appetizers, as well as a painting craft. It knocked the stuffing out of me, but the food was great.

And then I had visits from friends and family. This of course is very special. If I had the mojo, I’d write a lovely post about how much it meant to me – but I don’t really have it in me right now. Except that my aunt and cousin flew in from the USA for literally 1.5 days worth of visiting me. Once upon a time, they had a cottage in Quebec, and we would all gather there as a family during the holidays. I still like to remember going to the village coffee shop, or walking around the Tremblant village, or enjoying movies in the basement. It was also where Lulu spent her final days. I think her being able to live in such a beautiful setting was such a gift, and such a sacrifice on the part of my aunt, who took care of her each day.

When then came to visit me the other day, it was a bit like the cottage again, in that we just hung out and ate and chatted. It made me wish they all lived closer. But life takes us in many separate directions, and there isn’t much to be done about it.

And finally, Zsolt and I bought ourselves a car. It’s a little 2011 Fiesta. We bought it because when I looked at my list of goals for ‘mission remission’ last year – literally none of them had come true. We even tried to get a puppy, only to find I’m crazy allergic to poodles. So for the past month we have been browsing autotrader.ca. Because of being too easily overwhelmed, we often saw interesting/affordable options but then I couldn’t bring myself to follow through on the steps for purchasing. But eventually we found the little Fiesta, and it was easier to manage the purchase. SO for the sake of ticking a box and having something that is ours, and for going to appointments and, most importantly, having adventures, we bought the car.

I should feel a lot more excited about it than I currently am. Maybe once the nerves wear off excitement will follow? Maybe once spring truly arrives, and we can road trip around Ottawa and enjoy the sunshine… hopefully then I’ll be all smiles. Maybe it needs a name?. That might be the key.

And there you go. This isn’t much of a post, but it is an update. Sooner or later I’ll write a proper story about something interesting. In the meanwhile, you can imagine us in this tiny car driving around the city. Or me sleeping in bed. Whatever floats your boat, you weirdos!

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  1. This is a fine and interesting story. Enjoy tooting around with the new wheels. Of course it needs a name: “Esther?” (the Fiesta). Say it with a New York accent.

  2. Absolutely give your car a name.

    I had Betsy for 13 years and she was my “cart horse,” solid and reliable. She hauled cats to the vet, bags of soil, mulch, gravel, sod, patio stones, plants, lumber and paint. The main reason I bought her was because she was the first model to have ABS and I had to travel 100 km a day to work and back. In the Ottawa winter, my previous car did 360 degree spins on black ice on the highway, which scared the hell out of me … what was cool was seeing people behind me deciding to stay back after one of my spectacular spins. Betsy never did a spin.

    Now I have Kenji, 10 years old and as handsome as ever. He does the same work as Betsy did, but has the advantage of having air conditioning and seven air bags in case I ever need them.

    Giving my cars names is fun because I end up ascribing a personality to them. Then I can talk to them, which is calming to me … “Hey Kenji, see that idiot that passed us too fast in this snow storm? Now he is in the ditch.”

  3. Saw the car yesterday at your dad’s place. It has fun written all over it. Then I looked at the bumper and realized that it’s birth name “Fiesta” means party. Your car deserves a cool name.

    Kenji Yaris, say hello to Xxxxx Fiesta!

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