Medical marijuana and ear wax

Okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna write this blog post. And I’m going to keep it short!


With my total lack of appetite, and nausea to boot, I’m exploring the world of medical marijuana. There is a clinic in Ottawa called the Canadian Cannabis Clinic, or something along those lines. My care coordinator recommended it to me, and my family doctor referred me over there after I kindly asked her to do so.

(by the way, I also had my ears cleaned out at my family doctor’s. After a lifetime of not flushing my ears, I got a satisfying plug of wax released from each ear. It was wonderfully gross. As my lovely audience in the room can attest to.)

Anyhow, eventually I ended up at the CCC for an appointment. It went very well! Apparently, there are different properties of week and different strengths that can be purchased. The CCC took my history, and then I spoke with a doctor via Skype. She helped to explain and explore the dosing and strains that might best suit me. And after that, I was passed to a care coordinator – who hooked me up with a legal supplier, and helped me find a product to try. Overall, very helpful! I look forward to trying the goods and see if it can help.

Best part was, the consultation was covered by OHIP, so I didn’t need to pay anything for the visit. That was a surprise.

When so many other things are going a little crazy, it was nice that this could be fairly easy. Many steps, but fairly easy.

Zsolt is SO busy at work. Every time I see the guy he has a lap top in his hands. I can barely get him to leave the house! It’s great that he is so fulfilled at his work. Next I hope they can find a balance so I get my man on the weekends.

And finally I’m painting a painting for my mother, and am VERY intimidated. I really don’t want to mess this up or make it look boring. But I keep telling myself, if you don’t have fun there is no point – so relax. My mom doesn’t mind if it is terrible, but I’m sure she would like it even more if it weren’t! We went to the shop together and picked out the colours she likes, and a massive canvas. Honestly it is the canvas that intimidates me. Plus all that pain I’ll needs. Oh well – on wards!

That is it. There is a mass in my chest pushing on my abdomen and stomach – so I had a CT for that, and will ultrasound it later. I hope something can be done. I hope.


Okay that is really it. I could write more, but I’m not inclined to do so.

Therefore, done.

P.S. I had a blood transfusion. The best thing about a blood transfusion (apart from the life giving fresh healthy cells and the amazing anonymous donor who helped me so much) is the four hours I get to sleep in a bed during the day, and not feel at all guilty about the time ‘wasted’. Guilt free blood transfusions, a great way to rest.

5 thoughts on “Medical marijuana and ear wax

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  2. I’m interested to hear how the MJ works out for you–as you know, it is legal in California now for recreation, and has been medical legal for some years. I’ve never tried it, however, should some weird (new) medical thing come up, I’d like to have that option. I saw Sanjay Gupta’s documentary on CNN, WEED, and some of the changes in medical symptoms were amazing (like the little girl with seizures–they are almost completely gone.). I know you can get the benefit of MJ without the high, now, also. I don’t mind being high once. in. a. while. but my preferred method for that is alcohol / wine, and I can control how much I consume and therefore feel. So enough about me. LOL Please report back–I’m very curious as to what effects, both good and bad (although I’m praying for good!) you experience. Smooches Jules

    • Ah I may need to write a proper post on this. Short story, it is okay. I don’t love the feeling of being high, but have reduced my dose and hope in time that wooziness will wear off. It helps for mood, pain and appetite.

  3. Kay, I have about a million questions about medical marijuana, so I hope you write more on this topic! My biggest one: do you have to smoke it? I’m not sure I could make that mental leap – to become a smoker after so many years of not. Or perhaps you can bake it into brownies and you get the bonus of the meds PLUS the chocolate? That would be SWEET. (See what I did there?)

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