May it be worthwhile

After a while of simply not writing things down, I guess it just becomes easier to stop altogether. That’s what I’ve been doing lately – stopping all together. It started just after that post I posted (oh man, ugly wording) about the blood and the hospital and the lung and yada yada yada.


I just stopped with the posts. This will happen sometimes. Often it’s because I’m out having an awesome time in the world. But sometimes it’s because I just don’t want to share.

All this being said, it’s been a trip.

Life has gone all pin ball machine lately, and I’m that metal ball pinging from paddle to paddle. Sometimes I shoot up in a happy moment, other times I roll down towards that game-over pit and not a paddle can save me . . .

That’s really dramatic language. When I started with that pinball metaphor, I actually thought it would be more fun.

Life has been like a plate of spaghetti. I’m the meat ball on top, sinking into the marinara sauce and wet, warm noodles . . . and the Parmesan cheese, with that pinch of salt and sprinkle of pepper . . . and the fork going in there with the spoon, wrapping all the goodness together . . .

Actually no. Life hasn’t been like a meatball on a plate of spaghetti. I’m just seriously hungry. Like SERIOUSLY hungry.

Life has been like this: it’s has been busy. After that trip to the hospital, a few different things happen:

  • My oncologist, Dr Canada, ordered a biopsy – meaning a tube-down-the-throat-into-the-lungs biopsy.
  • Then, following that, radiation was ordered – meaning shoot radiation at your lungs for two weeks every evening after work.
  • Then, following that the side effects kicked in – meaning don’t eat because you can’t and lose 10 pounds for swim suit season…except it’s winter and we all just want to indulge in cookies and chocolate. At least, I do. Stuffing too. And meat pie. And pretty much everything right about now. Just today I had my first solid food in a week. I chewed that olive about 40 times before swallowing.
  • I missed work, and worried.
  • Biopsy results came back. Interesting stuff. More another day.

Other things happened too!

  • Zsolt became CANADIAN.

I was going to throw him a party like this: Everyone would come over wearing red & white. We’d be decked out in Canadiana. He, being the guest of honour, would name the best Canadian outfit. We’d have a map of Canada and people would be blind folded, and would need to ‘pin the capital on the country’. There would be a table filled with Canadian themed food from Beaver tales to maple syrup to a veggie platter (because you need something healthy) to maple cake to Canadian beer, etc. And we’d all give Zsolt our best advice on how to be Canadian.

None of that happened, except in my head. Maybe it will, probably it won’t. Unfortunately the radiation side effects were stronger than anticipated, and we cancelled the party. Party or not, the man is still CANADIAN. And it’s still really surreal.

More things!

  • Refugees began to arrive in Canada! This makes me really happy to watch in the news. They’ve been going through a nightmare. Even though the memories will of course follow them, they are here. They are in a new home, and we want them to feel as safe as possible.
  • We decorated our apartment. Finally, after months of the pictures hanging around and the freezer being in the middle of the floor, we have put everything away and made this new place feel more like home.
  • Work! It went well.
  • I went and bought some clothes. Somehow, in between the physical phases of treatment, my mother and I went to the shop and I picked up some clothes for work. The sale rack was good to me. I no longer need to shop for another 1.5 years. ­
  • My family has been awesome-incredible-amazing-loving-supporting and more. Zsolt and I have been so touched.


This is what I need to remember going into 2016. It is probably not going to be a bed of roses, but if I’m lucky the lows will seriously be balanced, if not totally knocked aside by the highs. I need to remember what I’m fighting for. These good things need to be the center of me. It may not always been easy, but I pray it is always worthwhile.

That is all.



It’s Cancerous: A Love Story

I wrote this ‘game’ in the summer, and intended it for #metastatic breast cancer day (i.e. stage 4) during this month for #breastcancer awareness. It’s still in its rough form, but I’ll share it because that was why I wrote it, and believe me it wasn’t so easy to write. This isn’t everyone’s experience, and to be honest I have purposefully given it a vague ending – to be interpreted as you like. But it springs from very real frustrations. The options are not easy, and not enough.

So, play if you dare.

Click here: It’s Cancerous: A Love Story




POOF – I’m a Plugin!

I’ve fallen into the computer and I can’t get out!



Why have I turned into a plugin? As I was commenting to my co-host Kevin, it felt as if these past couple weeks in prepping Write Along Radio, my new podcast for writers, has been sucking me into this computer screen/fan noise vortex. From figuring out themes,, hosting, backing up, pluggin in, headers, images, streaming and more . . . When kevin cracked a joke that we ourselves were turning into just another WordPress plugin, which made total sense.

Anyone out there ever program/host their own site? It’s intimidating and bizzare and thrilling, no?

But sweet relief! The website is ready, the podcasts have been edited and uploaded, the whole production is rolling! I’m so very proud of our revised and refreshed writing podcast. The sound quality has been knocked up a few levels, and we’ve got actual formats: writing challenges, book discussions, and industry interviews!

So, if you are a writer/blogger/enjoying of writing, and you like online radio shows (i.e. podcasts) here is what you can do next:

1) Visit the website and say hell0. I’d love a comment for the Write Along Radio comment fields.

2) Subscribe the the radio RSS feed at iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcast RSS feeder you prefer.

3) Do a happy dance with me!

Also we’ll be having giveaways all week, including a cute “Happy Writer” t-shirt that I painted with my own two hands. Okay well, we aren’t giving that specific t-shirt in the picture below because . . . well, I may have melted plastic to the back of it while using a binder as a flat surface while ironing the material with my frying pan. BUT, I’ll make you your own t-shirt, so that’s even better 🙂 Keep your eye on the site and it’s social pages for news.

p.s. We have a fun blooper reel for Newsletter Subscribers to Write Along Radio 🙂

Celebratory post over and out! 🙂