Book Launch Recap and Pictures for #ClaireNE

927944_246674885537252_714669401_nWhile I try sorting out having my CT scan moved till after my B-Day (Onco appointment moved, but the scan needs to utbe fixed. I just got my two weeks letter yesterday), you can enjoy these pictures from the book launch!

My facebook page has the whole album, so I’ll leave most there and just share a few here while I describe the party.

Thank you to everyone who made it such a great success.

My mom did fortune telling 🙂

My brother JP who practises traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture donated two sessions to the bingo draw.

My friend Catherine made three batches of homemade cookies – some were even gluten free.

Domicile allowed us to use their space, and were so great about helping set up. The ladies there for Domicile were totally charming.

016 copy 2 & Look Good Feel Better donated two stunning watches.

Lou Truss donated a photo session and took photos of the event (which you can see on the facebook page)

AND Lise Boivin provided gorgeous paintings of local nature scenes on which people could bid. (She’s also the only lady without a web presence, but if you want to get in touch with her just shoot me an email.)

1All together, we drank many massive bottles of wine (Zsolt was the bartender, and a wine-enthusiast for the night), had well over 50 people come along across the evening, got the book into more people’s hands, had folks dropping in from off the street, raised over $800 for A Fresh Chapter, flipped through 140 slides, had at least ½ a dozen fortunes read, ate many beautiful and yummy homemade cookies, snacked on a spread designed by Costco, mom and my dad, had three bingo winners, and enjoyed many, many happy conversations.

It was great. 🙂

And whew, now it’s done. 🙂

Facebook page with pictures, once more.

Oh! And if you want to grab a book for Mother’s Day and you are in Ottawa – Chapters in Kanata has several copies avaiable.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to come. I so very much appreciate you being there. And for those who missed it, thank you for all the good wishes and thoughts. It was a great success, I reckon!


Big Kiss For You

MMUH! Happy New Year!!!


I think I get this from Seinfeld’s soup nazi, but my brain mixes in ‘kiss’ instead of soup, and ’Big’ instead of no.

Welcome to 2014! Last night the idea made me emotional. This morning it made me grumpy. Now I am wearing a new dress (Christmas present) and feeling a bit better. These are the days of emotional rollar coasters. So what to do? Focus on something that makes me happy, along with putting on a dress. Therefore, I did this picture. It’s makes me happy 🙂 And I made the first chapter of my novel (Amelia’s story) free on smashwords for the New Year – to bring in a big balloon of hope that anything is possible. If you haven’t read the book, you can start with this fun starter 🙂

Also, three people won my Goodreads giveaway, so that is pretty exciting too. And while I pledged to not do book stuff till the new year and I returned to Canada… geez, I cannot help myself sometimes. Know what I mean?

May you dip into what makes you smile today, and for much of your time in 2014. Cheers to getting up and getting dressed, to silly internet memes, to the sight of fireworks exploding across a city (i.e. Pecs, where we watched from the balcony and shivered in the cold, and I thought – “well this is one way to start things rolling,”), to emotional journeys, to big realizations, to the advancement of science, to the loving of ourselves, to GOOD SCANS and to GOOD BOOKS.

MUH! BIG KISS FOR YOU! Happy new years.

[Oh and to newsletters, mine can be found here. Yes, I plugged it. I told you, I can’t help myself. This is what brings me joy ;)]

Happy News Bulletin

Just a short post for a little happy dancing news. Yesterday I was pleased as punch (like cranberry juice mixed with champagne and sparkling water, served with frozen raspberries) to be mentioned in the Apartment 613 article on local books to read in Ottawa.

BUT not only was I in the article, which is wonderful in itself, I was also at the top of that article in the ‘personal favourites’ section. *Katy-Perry-Bra-Fireworks-Explosion-of-Excitment!* If you live in Ottawa, or even if you don’t (since many books are online), do check out the round-up of novels, poetry, and graphic novels.  Read here:

So, that basically made my night. Hopefully that feel-good momentum can carry through to this weekend, after the next Vitamin C infusion. It’s really wonderful to be part of the Ottawa writing scene. I hope soon I can say I’m part of the Canadian writing scene – would that not be amazing?

Okay, happy news bulletin officially over!

Except for this little widget! I’ve got a book give away on goodreads 🙂

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending by Catherine Brunelle

The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending

by Catherine Brunelle

Giveaway ends January 01, 2014.

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at Goodreads.

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And now for the fireworks: (This video is actually filmed in Budapest, so that’s a nice coincidence)